10 Reasons Why The Ford Ranger Raptor Is Amazing

The Raptor name is often equated with one of the best pickups from the legendary wade through the F-150 Raptor brand. Now, one of the newest trucks getting Raptor maintenance is the Ranger. Like the F-150, it has been given improvements in exterior styling, interior, technology and general off-road performance.

These performance improvements to the chassis and suspension in particular take the Ranger Raptor to new heights and make it one of the best pickups on the market today. Below are a few reasons why the Ranger Raptor is so awesome.

10 Field Management System

Since the Raptor is intended for off-road use, Ford has included a number of features to assist with the task of driving on difficult terrain. One of the main features to help with this is the Medan Management System.

Due to the different approaches that may be required, the System helps adjust acceleration, traction control, steering sensitivity and gear change behavior. There are a total of 6 different modes for different conditions. These are Normal, Grass, Gravel, Snow, Mud and Sand and Rock modes. This ensures that the Raptor can go almost anywhere it wants providing some of the best off-road performance in any pickup on the market today.

9 Unique Exterior Features

To help make the Raptor stand out from other pickups, and even the standard Ranger, Ford has given a few extra exterior features to make it look a lot better.

There’s the Raptor’s unique front grille as well as several upgraded alloy wheels with all-terrain tires not to mention new front and rear bumpers that give it its signature look. Tires measure 33 inches and are wrapped in 17-inch alloy wheels as standard. These tires have a tread pattern that aims to increase tire life and are much tougher than the standard tires you’ll find on the base Ranger.

8 Paddle shifter

Interestingly, Ford has included a paddle shifter on the new Ranger Raptor, which is quite different from anything you’d normally find on a pickup. These are often reserved for high-end sports cars or luxury vehicles.

The reason for this decision is to add to the performance and comfort aspects of the Ranger. It is much more efficient and easier, especially when off-road, to use the paddle shifter as it is mounted on the steering wheel for much better access than traditional gear shifters.

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7 Downhill Control

Since the Raptor is a vehicle designed for off-roading, a lot of thought has gone into designing exactly how it should traverse difficult landscapes and part of this reason has led to the Fords Hill Descent Control feature.

This system assists the driver by adjusting the speed downhill while in an off-road area without the driver having to touch the brake or accelerator pedal. It works in forward and reverse gears as well.

6 Ecoblue Machine

Ford has included one of their latest cutting-edge engines in the new Ranger Raptor, called the Ecoblue. It is also the most powerful engine available for the Ranger.

It’s a 2.0-liter bi-turbo engine that makes a reasonable 213 hp and actually has more torque than the previous 3.2-liter five-cylinder engine in the previous model. In addition, it also has 2 turbos, one small and one large, with the smaller turbo incorporated into the large one for more power and faster response overall.

5 Size

Pickup trucks are typically bulky, but the Ranger Raptor is much larger than the standard Ranger and certainly leaves a definite impression.

The Raptor is actually 30 percent larger in terms of ride height, and about 6 inches wider than the base Ranger version gives it a striking presence on the road.

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4 Suspension and Chassis

The suspension and chassis are arguably the most important parts of the Raptor, as of course having a good engine and some cool off-road features mean nothing if the car can’t really cross obstacles.

Fortunately, the Raptor should be able to get through bumps and slopes no matter how hard or sudden and the Raptor’s performance on the road is very smooth and should provide great comfort.

3 Performance On The Road

Raptor performance on the road is also very important. Of course, being marketed for off-road use, off-road terrain and systems are important, but chances are, It will spend most of its time on regular city roads and highways.

Due to Ford’s new chassis and suspension included with the new Raptor, comfort is massively improved as previously said, and it also handles corners and turns much faster providing some great off-road performance with its off-road capabilities.

2 Interiors

The interior is also slightly improved compared to the previous model. Now available high-performance off-road seats with double-hardness cushioning and suede lining. There have been slight changes elsewhere as well.

This includes interior styling changes, with some subtle blue stitching and leather accents around the cabin. The instrument cluster has changed a bit too from the previous version, with twin dials and a new central information screen.

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1 Including Technology

Fortunately Ford also did not forget to include some high-tech equipment in this off-roader. The Sync 3 infotainment system is the latest 8.0-inch touchscreen option available from Ford, complete with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay as well.

There’s also a handy feature that offers the option to put breadcrumbs, which are then used to find your way back, especially useful if you’re traveling somewhere without a road.

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