10 Striking Problems Chevy Don’t Want Us To Know About Their Cars

For most of the, Chevrolet known for its reliable family sedans and SUVs and a talent for producing some of America’s greatest sports cars. Unfortunately, the brand doesn’t have a perfect track record. In fact, several Chevy models have been part of GM’s big deal over the years and had to be pulled into several company-wide recalls. Granted, hardly any car is perfect, but it’s amazing how some Chevy models can have nearly the same problem.

Ranging from engine failure to many other problems that are a bit minor but still troublesome. This happening on one model would be one thing, but the fact that sedans, SUVs, and trucks can all share this problem is worrying.

Here are a few issues that Chevy prefers owners don’t know exist in some models despite the company’s efforts to fix them.

10 AC faulty (Colorado, Impala, Suburban, Tahoe)

Air conditioning tends to be one of those things that car owners take for granted… until it stops working. Unfortunately, this is the case with some Chevy models. A smaller issue is blowing warm air, which is usually a leak in the filter.

What’s worse is that the air conditioner doesn’t work at all, which requires a refrigeration repair and can cost a lot of money in a repair shop. This is worse for those who live in warmer environments where air conditioning is a must, as the Chevy can’t seem to keep the coolness down.

9 Coarse Shift (Impala, Malibu, Cruze, Silverado)

The problem with modern technology is that it can sometimes be too complex for its own good. With more cars leaning towards automatics, manual transmissions are not as sharp as they used to be. On some Chevy models from the Cruze to the Malibu, the driver will experience some roughness or hesitation when shifting gears.

At best, it’s a bit slow and rumbling, but worse, it can be loud and grating and take too long to get into the right gear. Chevy should do better to make switching a smoother experience.

8 Idler Pulley Brakes Can Snap (Silverado, Blazer, Equinox)

Often overlooked for a critical car part, the idler pulley is responsible for guiding and tightening the engine drive belt. This means brakes, alternator, water pump, AC compressor and other vital parts. So, if the brake pulley breaks, it can trigger bigger car problems.

While Chevy’s are usually fine with them, some models like the Silverado or Blazer can have idler pulleys that wear out more quickly and break without as much warning as other cars. That can make driving impossible, and checking it consistently is a good idea.

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7 Vehicle Won’t Start (Impala, Trax, Silverado, Spark)

Even if the new car has some issues, at least we hope it can be started. Amazingly, some Chevy models can’t do this. Impala, Trax, Silverado, and Spark are common culprits, but some other models have issues with that, no matter what, even cars with new batteries won’t start.

The problem usually lies with the alternator or some other electronic component, but having the car towed to a repair shop to have it checked would be a pain. Too many Chevy cars can’t do the simplest tasks of a car properly.

6 Transmission can slip a lot (Blazer, Camaro, Silverado)

While transmission slippage isn’t as serious as other issues, it can still be a pain if not fixed quickly. Causes vary from worn transmission bands to hydraulic pumps or torque converters, and if not corrected quickly, they can lead to greater transmission damage.

Some Chevy models like the Blazer and Silverado continue to experience this problem with the exact cause varying depending on the one you purchased. It’s best to make sure the transmission is the best before getting a Chevy.

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5 Large Oil Consumption (Equinox, Silverado, Spark)

Recently, Chevrolet was faced with a nasty lawsuit by a customer who claimed their 2010-2017 Equinox was oiling like crazy. Allegedly the 2.4 liter vehicle uses one liter of oil per 1,000 miles. The Spark also has accusations of burning too much oil, which has happened (if not so badly) in some other models.

While the average Chevy could be better in fuel consumption, it’s not a good view for owners to need to change the oil on their new Chevy much more quickly than on some beaters.

4 Power Steering Troubled (Silverado, Sierra, Tahoe and more)

This is part of a massive recall from GM on a number of their pick-up trucks and also happens to some regular cars. The problem is that the power steering can be hit or miss. Without warning, it can be extinguished, which can be dangerous on a long journey.

Perhaps worse is that the power steering kicks in without being activated, which knocks the driver over. When a problem afflicts more than a million vehicles, it’s clear something is wrong and Chevy needs to fix it fast.

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3 Broken Electronics (Bolts, Corvettes and more)

Electronics are essential to cars more than ever, especially EVs, which is why Chevy has had some issues with bad electronics. They can range from losing power without warning to causing major misfires, and even complete engine fires in some Corvettes.

Dozens of Bolts and Silverados had to be recalled due to electronic problems, which caused further problems with the engine and transmission, but they continued to annoy owners.

2 Stuck Keys (Equinox, HHR, Cobalt, Silverado)

Some of the aggravating things like not being able to get the keys in or out of the ignition. Somehow, some Chevy models have issues with the rather easy car parts. Models such as the Equinox, HHR, Cobalt, and Silverado have all reported the issue of the car key not being able to be removed from the steering column.

The reasons range from locked steering wheels to poor construction; however, amazingly, it happens in some models. GM had to provide some special discounts for customers with this problem that persisted even though the company had to master decades ago.

1 Misfires Engines (Trax, Silverado, Impala)

This could be the highlight of the other problems on this list, or it could just happen. As spark plugs, wires, distributor caps, and rotors age, they can stop doing their job properly and start misfiring. It could start slowly with the engine suddenly stopping or it could explode into a massive failure to hit the right cylinder and result in engine failure.

Too many Chevy models can have this problem even with newer models like the Silverado 1500 having misfires leading to expensive repairs. This is another issue that should be examined further before it becomes more serious.

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