2011 Ford Transit Connect Camper

As I write this, the US is entering peak RV season. But while that’s great for those who already rent or own it, it means now’s the worst time to buy it. Plus, supply issues aside, if you don’t do the conversion yourself, even the cheapest camper van costs about the same as the average new car. But there’s a way to save time and money: the second-hand market. And one of these cheap RVs, the 2011 Ford Transit Connect XLT camper conversion, is up for grabs this week Cars & Deals.

Ford Transit Connect makes a simple but sturdy base for camper van conversions

First generation Ford Transit Connect Cargo Van | HONDA STAND/AFP via Getty Images
2011 Ford Transit Connect XLT
Machine 2.0-liter Duratec four-cylinder
Horsepower 136 hp
torque 128 lb-ft
Transmission Four-speed automatic with overdrive
curb weight 3365 lbs
Maximum payload 1600 pounds
Gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR) Cargo Van: 5005 lbs
Carriage: 4995 lbs

Anyone who likes camper vans has probably heard of the Ford Transit. But Ford has a smaller cargo/passenger van, the Transit Connect. Despite the similarity of names, the vans are unrelated and ride on separate platforms.

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