2022 Ford Bronco Two-Door Visible With 40 Inch Tires and 7 Inch Lift

While following the Bronco6G forums, we came across a thread about a Bronco with 40-inch(!) tires. Normally, we’d mumble something about “modders would mod,” and keep scrolling—but we decided to take a look when we read that it’s an upgraded 2022 two-door Ford Bronco with 7 inches lift. Now, we just need to see what this kerfuffle really is. Update: Alex Albini, the owner of this Bronco, contacted us. We have updated the story with new details in the build.

Look, this isn’t the first new Bronco to put on 40-inch tires, as we saw at SEMA in November 2021, including 42s tires. Nearly all Broncos with tires larger than 37 inches are four-door models, old full-size Broncos, or some smaller classics. There are even a few big-tyre Broncos out in the wild, built by dedicated owners whose day-to-day lives don’t lie in an off-road shop, but then again, they’re typically four doors down to 37 inches like new. 2022 Bronco Raptors. That’s why these two fat doors caught our attention.

Did You Even Lift, Brah?

It’s not just that it has 40×13.50R17 Cooper Discoverer STT Pro tires on its 17-inch Fuel Off-Road Wheels Shok D666 — this 2022 Ford Bronco also has a seven-inch lift. The thread doesn’t list the source of the lift kit, but the original poster mentions that it’s built from a five-inch lift and uses bumper spacers to fit the tires. Now, Alex Albini, the owner of this Bronco, contacted us after seeing the article go live and provided us with more information. This lift is a combination of the Rough Country five-inch lift with a two-inch leveling kit on the front dampers to keep the look level and even.

This means a total lift of just five inches at the back and seven at the front for an even look. Nothing was done to the body to clean the fender holes for the tires, they fit well. This is great, as it makes for a much cleaner look and gives the Bronco a Hot Wheels or Tonka toy-come-to-life vibe, minus the supercharger and hood-exit zoom. It also means that, with just a five-inch lift and a small bumper spacer, you can fit 40-inch tires on your two-door Bronco 2022. Those OE spacers and bumpers will be replaced with different bumper sets when they become available again, according to Alex.

What is Stock Gearing?

Aside from the obvious speedometer error the bigger tires can bring, we also have to wonder how much extra pressure the Bronco’s drivetrain is putting through the kneading of those 40-inch tires. Ford made the Ford Performance front differential as an aftermarket upgrade to the Bronco to suit stock locations, but with 40-inch tires, who knows if those larger parts will last long. Another thing to consider with a lift of this height is the CV’s front axle angle. If the subframe and differential mounts had been moved as part of the used five-inch kit—as many have done—then this might not have been a problem, as the suspension arm and CV would have remained in relatively normal relationship with the differential and wheels. He seen it’s as if the lower control arm is relatively flat, but it’s hard to tell exactly from the images shared so far.

Directing This Wild Money

The forum poster also doesn’t mention anything about the upgraded tie rods, which are again offered by Ford Performance and various other manufacturers. However, it’s not just his strength that we question. With a seven-inch lift, what does the new steering geometry look like, and how bad is the potential for bump steer if the rack isn’t moved to match the lift. Many of the five-inch kits do offer modified knuckles and dropped front mounts to keep the geometry right, but that’s only for the initial five inches.

Then there’s the stock damper and spring issues. They weren’t made for anything over the 35s that was optional for the 2022 Bronco Sasquatch. You could also argue that just using the spacers isn’t great either, considering the lift you gain doesn’t result in any travel when you’re at it either. That’s why some five-inch lifts come with higher dampers and springs, so your lift is even more functional than just something for looks or a way to fit bigger tires.

Alex Answers Our Questions

Turns out putting on a set of 40-inch tires didn’t really break the 2022 Bronco. According to Alex, “the ride is great and doesn’t feel underpowered at all.” Again, the better signs are that adding bigger tires doesn’t affect Ford’s modern mule rideability. The Rough Country five-inch kit uses a support spacer between the stand mount and the top cap. The addition of new front knuckles allows for precise steering geometry for five-inch lift, according to Rough Country, while the included trackbar relocation bracket keeps the rear centered through its ride. The kit also lowers the front mount so that the lower control arm and front axle maintain their factory geometry for longer life and the desired travel motion. We’d still like to see a longer coilover set, if only to take advantage of the extra travel this lift would give Alex’s Bronco, but he’s content with that, for now.

Photo credit: Alex Albini

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