2023 Ford Ranger Raptor, Wildtrak V6, Everest Platinum fixed lead time up to 10 months

Ford Australia said it was working overtime to try to shorten waiting times for customers who won’t take delivery of their new vehicles until the middle of next year.

Ford Australia says it is redoubling its efforts to secure better allocation of critical components for Ford Ranger Raptor ute performance, the Ranger Wildtrak V6 with Premium Packageand the top two models from Everest four wheel drive wagon range, the Sports and Platinum.

The official lead time for this model remains between nine and 10 months, Ford said, depending on the vehicle. However, some dealers quote waiting times of up to 18 months.

While the regular Ford Ranger lineup has been rolling out to Australian dealers for the past month or so, first deliveries of the new Ford Ranger Raptor and Ford Everest are due in a few days.

But Ford has been lacking a certain class of model and option package.

The current Ford Ranger Raptor sells out for 10 months, while the lead time for the Ranger Wildtrak TDV6 (with and without Premium Package), Everest Sport and Everest Platinum has an estimated delivery date of up to nine months if ordered today.

In an interview during a media preview for the Ranger Raptor, Ford Australia boss Andrew Birkic said Drive: “There have been many orders and we are very pleased with the level of interest in this vehicle, especially before the Raptor and Everest arrive in showrooms.

“Right now, we have just completed our order and that is our priority.”

When asked what message you would like to pass on to Ford to customers waiting in line, Birkic said: “Thank you for being patient. But while we thank them for being patient, we are doing everything we can to try and speed up production and reduce waiting times.

“We’ve managed to get more Premium Packages for the Ranger Wildtrak, more tow packages for Everest, and more TDV6 across models that require it.

“Our materials planning team has done wonders and went above and beyond and tried to secure the additional components we needed.”

Before the new-generation Ranger was launched locally, Ford dealers were told that the estimated Premium Package customer acceptance on Wildtrak was around 15 percent of the mix, and eventually close to 70 or 80 percent.

With that in mind, will Ford standardize the Premium Pack on the Ranger Wildtrak?

“We are certainly very happy with the use of the Premium Package on Wildtrak. It shows us that customers see it as good value and that’s the feedback we get,” Birkic said.

“Our immediate goal is to get a sufficient supply of spare parts and vehicles to meet demand … and customers are very patient with us.

“For now, we don’t plan on making the Premium Plan a standard feature in Wildtrak, it will remain an option. But decisions about equipment like this are constantly being reviewed and compared against market demand.”

“Early adopters tend to make more emotional choices and opt for premium models and options. So the demand among the first group of people to buy a Ranger is heavily skewed towards the TDV6 model. But we know over time the demand will settle and the (twin-turbo 2.0-liter) will become the most popular engine choice.

“We are very proud of the engine and the updates we made. Still very competitive in terms of power and torque as well as fuel efficiency.

“So anyone who wants a shorter wait time, we’d encourage them to consider the (twin-turbo 2.0 liter four-cylinder).”

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