8 Ford Mustang Prototypes That Have Never Been Made

The best-selling Mustang has become a pop culture icon with its recognizable style and design. Yet throughout its 58 year history, it was first launched in 1964, and even before that, wade through experimented with a number of concepts that ultimately never saw the production line. All of the models here were seriously considered by Ford to be made into working prototypes, but never joined the stables for whatever reason.

Everything from the insane body style to the cutting edge technology featured in the potential Mustang design over the years. The changes over the decades that the car has made in itself are odd, but the concept suggests some different, and even weirder, possibilities for a pony car.

8 Allegro Mustang

The Allegro was a series of early concepts for the Mustang. Thirteen were eventually made, with the first completed in 1962, on the Falcon platform. It was the initial build of the Fairlane Committee, led by Lee Iacocca, who would later design the Mustang II concept that was translated into a production car.

Allegro’s vision for the Mustang was much more European than the eventual production model, but it remains the car’s trademark, including the long hood and short trunk, as well as the compact 2+2 cab.

7 Mustang sedan

By the time Ford decided on a car design, the design was still looking at several directions to find the final product. One is a sedan that retains the Mustang line but offers added practicality.

However, Ford bosses ultimately rejected the idea, deciding that the Mustang should retain its sporty appeal, and, most importantly, not steal sales from the Falcon. As a passion project on the Falcon platform, it is prioritized for the brand.

6 Mustang Station Wagon

Another crazy body style for the Mustang is the wagon. After the launch of the highly successful car, a team of Ford executives and designers sent the car to Italian designer Intermeccanica to turn it into a station wagon, or rather a fire brake.

In fact, Ford considered this car, as well as renowned racing manufacturer Holman Moody and other companies offered its design, but all that eventually passed, and the car disappeared from history. Several early Mustangs have been converted into wagon form, including the one pictured, demonstrating a style that never existed.

5 Mid-engined Mustang Boss

Mid-engines are now the realm of Corvettes, but mid-engined Mustangs are a possibility. Really more of a rear-engined car, Ford experimented with putting a V8 in the trunk of the Boss 429, mated to an automatic transmission.

Ford tested the car extensively to determine if the layout improved performance, eventually finding negligible differences. With no real profit in spite of the high cost of manufacture, combined with resistance from fans, Ford abandoned the project.

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4 Mustang Milano

Recalling the Allegro prototype, Ford unveiled the Mustang Milano concept in 1970 to propose a more European design direction for the car. The low-slung car only has two seats and was never really meant to be the new Mustang to show a possible new design direction.

And indeed, elements of the car’s styling are evident in the 1971 model year Mustang. The most interesting thing about this prototype are the taillights: they glow green during acceleration, yellow when gliding, and red when braking.

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3 Boss Mustang 10.0 Liter

Ford returned to big engines on the Fox4 platform in 1995. The Boss concept from that year took the engine from the Boss 429, which was popular decades earlier, and turned it into a ten. Literally, actually: it’s a 10-liter V8 motor that’s stuffed into that car.

That engine makes 855 horsepower and propels the car to 60 mph in a staggering 1.9 seconds. More of a publicity stunt than anything, only one working car was ever produced, and those numbers are unproven.

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2 Mustang ‘Rambo’

Getting to the Fox4 design itself took a lot of prototypes and concepts. Three possible designs were considered: ‘Rambo’, ‘Schwarzenegger’ and ‘Bruce Jenner.’ Ford ultimately decided on the Schwarzenegger, for the production car, but the other two were attractive alternatives. Especially Rambo.

While Bruce Jenner simply had a softer, less angular design, the Rambo car was much more aggressive, with a pointed head and large air scoop that gave it a much different look from the production model.

1 Giugiaro Mustang

The Giugiaro Mustang is a partnership with the famous style house Italdesign. Built in 2006, the car takes the architecture from the production Mustang and completely overhauls the car, equipped with a 4.6-liter supercharged V8 to produce 500 hp. It was specially designed to be more luxurious, but also to maintain weight for better performance.

Although limited production was planned, the car was never built beyond the prototype stage, although prototypes are still appearing, as pictured.

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