A Man Killed for His Chevy Camaro in 1985 Finally Identified 37 Years Later

In 1985, a man was killed because of his new Chevy Camaro. Although cars are stolen every day, there are times when carjackings reach alarming levels, often turning violent. Today, most of the details of Donald Boardman’s disappearance remain unknown. The only person who could possibly explain the event has yet to be found. In fact, 37 years have passed with a man missing and the body unidentified.

An unlikely duo solves the cold case of a missing man and a stolen Camaro

1987 Chevy Camaro IROC-Z (not Donald Boardman’s car) | Post Denver via Getty Images

Housewife Barbara King Ladd recently solved a cold case that investigators couldn’t solve. It’s been decades since Donald Boardman’s disappearance made headlines. But thanks to a woman’s curiosity, some cases have been solved.

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