Beat the Competition In This Ford GT Branded Sim Racing Cockpit

Back in 2020, sim racing went through a period of intense growth, which is still the case today. Technology and hardware are improving rapidly, games are being released left, right, and center, and brands are investing more in niche markets than ever before.

One of the brands that has been present in the world of motorsport simulation is Ford. Last year, the manufacturer built a simulated cockpit inside a prototype vehicle it built for its eSports team and now, it has teamed up with Next Level Racing to create 2022 Ford GT GT Elite setup edition.

Following the Fordzilla P1 concept, the GT Elite Cockpit Ford GT Edition is proof that the Ford Motor Company sees great potential in the sim racing market, with more and more people eager to experience the fierce world of online racing competition.

Ford GT Edition GT Elite Cockpit Built On A Great Base

The Ford GT Edition uses the same structure as the successful GT Elite cockpit produced by Next Level Racing. The main problem that racers have in the sim racing community is the power of their cockpit due to the sheer force that can come from the racing wheels. In fact, many Direct Drive wheelbases are capable of delivering more than 15 lb-ft of torque through the player’s hands and, subsequently, their cockpit.

The GT Elite, however, handles even the toughest parts of the kit with ease thanks to its sturdy aluminum construction. Just by looking at the arrangement, one can easily see how thick the elements that support each piece of the puzzle are to hold the entire rig together.

RELATED: Is eSports the Grassroots Solution Racing Needs?The Next Level Racing GT Elite sim rig is also one of the leaders in its class when it comes to customization. Mounting positions for additional hardware such as shifters and handbrakes can be adjusted to the player’s liking, while the pedal plates can be raised or lowered to suit whoever is in the racing seat.

With so many racing wheels now filling the market, Next Level Racing had to adapt the GT Elite product to fit as many mounting solutions as possible. Many Direct Drive bases such as the Fanatec DD and Simucube 2 products require bolts that go into the side of the base. Other, more common models like the Thrustmaster T300 or Logitech G29 clamp onto a flat surface. The GT Elite is able to accommodate all of these different products, adding to the customization.

What’s New With the Ford GT Edition?

For the most part, the cockpit of the GT Elite Ford GT Edition uses the same structure as its standard brethren. The aluminum chassis is identical from standard to Ford branded models, with a hint of blue paint to match the Blue Oval color scheme.

Slight cosmetic differences are very much a theme in this special edition cockpit. The keen observer will notice the lines running along the bottom of the setup resemble those covering the hood and roof of the Ford GT, while the GT logo adorns the rear of the aluminum frame, as does the Ford oval.

RELATED: Ford Launches First Official Virtual Racer “Fordzilla P1”The simulator is equipped with a floor mat bearing the GT and Fordzilla logos, and a modified seat featuring the GT logo and a blue Fordzilla harness is also available with the setup. Though, unlike the standard GT Elite, it’s not included in the price. And with the seats set to cost an additional $499 on top of the $799 price tag for the frame, that sounds like a hefty price spike compared to the normal product. This rig will go on sale in October and is sure to be a great addition to any Ford fan sim racing setup.

Here’s How To Drive A Ford GT From The Next Level Racing Cockpit

The Ford GT is a car that many blame for the end of the GTE class in endurance racing, meaning it’s no longer seen racing in the real world today. But thanks to the magic of sim racing, racers can jump in the cockpit of their Ford GT Edition and propel the legendary brand back to Le Mans in many games.

Over the years, iRacing has been a definite place for online racing, and with the GTE category still popular in subscription-based titles, a large number of gamers are sure to jump on their GT Edition rigs to race Ford GTE race cars. against the Porsche 911 RSR and Corvette C8.R.

iRacing can meet the needs of those who enjoy closed-court competition, but it’s open-world driving that excites many and fortunately, the 2022 Ford GT appears in Turn 10 Studio’s latest game, Forza Horizon 5. With a road view, supercars dominate the Mexican landscape. featured in a massive open world game.

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