Best SUV With Driving Comfort in 2012

The best SUV with the most comfortable ride from 2012 has a lot to offer buyers. This sports vehicle won’t let you down with its roomy third row and extra cargo space in the trunk for whatever a weekend trip might need. Plus, a 10 year old vehicle would be a budget-friendly option.

Ford’s Flex is one of the best SUVs with the most comfortable ride

2012 Ford Flex SUV | MediaNews/Boston Herald Group via Getty Images

While Edmunds listed some of the best SUVs with the most comfortable driving, the 2012 Ford Flex ticked all the boxes. The interior is spacious, and the third row has plenty of room. Ford incorporated a lot of technology into the 2012 Flex, and it looks modern for its time. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) awarded the Top Safety Pick to this comfortable SUV.

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