Car crashes into Hammond’s garage, lands sideways on a classic Chevy | Hammond News

HAMMOND — No one was hurt Monday when a car with five people in it appeared to slide out of control and crash into a garage, landing sideways on a classic 1941 Chevrolet driveway.

Officials did not immediately say what caused the Pontiac Grand Prix that was speeding west at block 900 on 167th Street to cross onto the east lane, over the sidewalk and over two small trees, push a boulder several feet, and crash into the front and rear. the sidewall of the garage, and on top of the Chevy.

The Pontiac suffered severe damage, including the loss of the rear windshield. Witnesses said people in the car climbed through the rear window opening to get out of the vehicle.

Homeowner Jim Siple was out for dinner in Merrillville when the accident occurred around 4:30 p.m. He focused on finding someone to prop up his garage so the Pontiac could be moved.

Siple said he lived in his home for 52 years. He said at that time Street 167, which is adjacent to Concordia Cemetery, only became more dangerous.

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“This road is a natural drag trail. It’s a terrible road,” Siple said. “People drive stupidly.”

He said the city needed to put up stop signs every few blocks to slow down motorists. Siple says semi-trailers also regularly use roads even though semi-trailers should be banned.

At the same time, Siple is surprisingly optimistic about the condition of its classic car which now has a curved roof and various other structural and cosmetic problems stemming from the crash.

“The car is totaled. Oh, it is totaled,” said Siple. “And I just bought $4,000 worth of new parts for it.”

Hammond Police have not yet responded to an investigation asking if anyone has been fined in connection with the crash.


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