Check out The New Ford-Powered Holiday Rambler Eclipse RV

The rising popularity of RVs and motor homes is one of the few saving graces from the dire Covid-19 pandemic and the stay-at-home restrictions it brings. 2 years have passed since then, but it seems that RVs are still quite popular. Why else do we get new and tempting deals from serious RV makers every year?

Not only that, many companies have made ultra-luxurious motor homes with price tags that end with the word ‘million’ at the end. One prime example is the Marchi Mobile RV, a $3 Million RV that’s more luxurious than most people’s homes. But campervanning is not an activity reserved just for the rich.

We can have RVs in all shapes and sizes, to suit every budget segment in the automotive industry. The most popular ones often fall into the upper middle class luxury category. This RV has enough features and necessities to enjoy a luxurious vacation without remortgaging your real home.

Holiday Rambler Corporation is an old and respectable manufacturer in this segment. They have been making recreational vehicles since 1953 and are giving the industry some cool and innovative ideas. The 2023 Eclipse RV is their latest creation, and we think it’s worth considering if you’re planning to buy an RV.

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Has a Number of Impressive Facilities

Think about a basic house. Now think about all the things you need to call ‘home’. Most of us think of a place to sleep, a place to cook, a bathroom or two, and some space to store all our belongings (wardrobe, cupboard, etc.). Most RVs have that, so we started getting more luxurious RVs. Eclipse has all of the things we mentioned and some.

Holiday-Rambler has packed 2 LED TVs, residential fridge, microwave, jackknife couch, theater chairs, and drop-down loft among other little things into the Eclipse. In addition, you can have alternatives such as bunk beds, additional toilets with shower areas, a larger dream dining area, and more, depending on the floor plan you choose.

Appearance and appearance is a big part of making something fancy. So Holiday-Rambler has tackled that by giving us a selection of different decorations to choose from. These three options, Bayview, Newport, and Portobello, have a range of different textures and colors/patterns on sofas, floors, beds, floors, tables, and other places.

They hope to attract as many people as possible by providing several options to choose from, and we’re sure you’ll find something you like there. The wardrobe is spacious enough to hold several people’s clothes for a few days, and the bed is king-size in case someone taller is worried about it.

To run all of this equipment, the Eclipse is equipped with a 6 volt deep cycle housing battery, a 200w inverter and a 55 amp power converter. It also has a Wi-Fi ranger, Solar Panel pre-wired, water heater bypass system, cable/satellite tv connection, Onan Quiet 5500W generator, multiplex wiring system, water city connection, and 30,000 BTU furnace, and more.

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The Eclipse Is Big, Big & Full

Since Eclipse takes you and some of your facilities to a remote place, it has to be big enough to fit all of that without feeling cramped. Thankfully, neither did it. The Eclipse is a class A gas motor housing that is 33 feet and 6 inches long. The interior is also 6.8 feet high, so most people don’t have to bend over when moving inside.

We’ll explore the individual features below, but let’s just say it’s jam-packed with amenities and convenience features, along with all the basics needed. To withstand all that weight and carry it safely, the chassis has to be super strong, and rightly so. According to Holiday Rambler, the Eclipse 2023 gets serious support from the chassis of the 22,000 lb Ford F53.

The F53 is a single channel stair truss platform in 36,000-psi E-coated Steel. Ford also installed a stronger anti-sway bar than the previous OEM version. Ford also returned to the Bilstein shock rather than Sachs. However, there is a bit of body roll in the F53, especially with the heavy body on top.

This is something you may need to figure out if you are planning a long trip. But the chassis has a lot of positives. For example, the GVWR ranges from 16,000 to 26,000 pounds. If you want to drag more stuff, there’s a crane hitch with a capacity of 8,000 lb. on the back.

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It Came With A Good Old American V8

Packing a lot of stuff in an RV requires a hefty chassis, and transporting such a large, heavy chassis takes a lot of effort. And we know how V8 is a tried and tested way of solving power-related issues. And most of the time, it works! The aforementioned F53 comes housed in a Ford 7.3 liter V8. It produces 350 hp and 468 lb-ft (634 Nm) of torque.

Even this number may be low for some, but we’re not here to race, we’re here to camp, and this big V8 does its job. More importantly, it maintains a low rpm of 3750 rev. Large vehicles require more power down at the lower end of the tachometer to carry heavy loads, so this is an ideal power band. This way, you will get more efficiency and longer engine life too.

Source: Holiday Rambler

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