Chevy mid-engine Corvette elevates style, performance

Chevrolet’s drastically redesigned Corvette Stingray sports car – now in a mid-engine configuration – debuted two years ago, and returns in 2022 with prices starting at $60,200 (plus $1,295 shipping) for the base 1LT coupe and $68,400 for the base convertible.
The Corvette’s first mid-engine configuration was designed to provide the Stingray’s better weight distribution, improved response and improved control, with the driver sitting closer to the front axle, almost above the front wheels.

‘This Vette also has the fastest zero-60 mph time of any Corvette entry ever – under three seconds when equipped with the Z51 Performance Package ($6,345), including on our Stingray 2LT 2022 coupe test vehicle (base price $68,200).
The mid-engine layout also gives the driver and passengers a race car-like view on the road due to the lower position of the hood, instrument panel and steering wheel, says Chevrolet.

With the mid-engine, the new model has a front and rear trunk with a total cargo volume of 12.6 cubic feet, ideal for luggage or two sets of golf clubs.
The Stingray is powered by Chevy’s latest 6.2-liter small-block V-8 LT2 engine, the only naturally aspirated V-8 in its segment, producing 495 horsepower and 470 foot-pounds of torque (when equipped with a performance exhaust), the most horsepower ever. loads and torque for each Corvette entry.

It is connected to an eight-speed dual-clutch electric gearbox. The manual transmission has been removed.
The benefits of the mid-engine layout include better weight distribution (rear weight bias improves straight-line performance), better responsiveness and control (driver position closer to the front axle), and excellent foresight (bottom hood, instrument panel) , and steering wheel).

Six configurations are available, all with a 6.2-liter engine and eight-speed manual auto-shift with overdrive and auto-manual, and rear-wheel drive.
The coupe and convertible styles are available in three levels, each with different features: 1LT, 2LT, and 3LT.
For this report, I drove the 2LT coupe in Caffeine Metallic exterior color (brown), with exterior body color accents ($995), chrome exterior badge pack ($100), and “staggered: wheels – 19 inches up front, 20 inches at the back.” rear – with five trident-spoke silver-painted aluminum wheels ($1,495).

Our test vehicle is equipped with a removable body color roof panel, which can be safely stowed in the rear cargo area.
The specially designed engine is located under a glass panel in the rear hatch. The panels have a trailing edge cantilever with seven air vents to help dissipate heat from the engine compartment, which is separated from the passenger cabin by a glass pane. All engine components (cables, tubing, fasteners, hoses) are made with appearance in mind, including textured heat shields and red edge valve covers.
Chevrolet’s first eight-speed dual-clutch transmission delivers lightning-fast shifting and exceptional power transfer, for an energetic and direct manual connection and superior ride comfort over an automatic.

The electric derailleur on the stack/center console uses pull-down switches for Reverse and Drive, and push-buttons for Park, Neutral and Low/Manual. The driver can select specific gears using the paddle shifters mounted on the steering wheel, for even more manual control.
Standard performance and mechanical features include Vehicle Health Management (alerts vehicle problems), Active Handling Stability Control (detects and corrects unwanted vehicle actions), and All-Speed ​​Traction Control (reduces/prevents wheelpin).
The Driver Mode Selector (a knob on the center console) includes a configurable Tour, Weather, Eco, Sport, Track and MyMode (allowing the driver to mix and match settings to suit the situation or mood). Z Mode, with buttons on the steering wheel, augments MyMode with adjustments for the engine and transmission.

Valet Mode with Performance Data Recorder is activated using a four-digit code and allows locking the storage area, disabling the infotainment system, and recording video and data.
The new eBoost brakes are more precise, applying pressure based on information from electronic sensors rather than the physical/mechanical relationship between the foot on the pedal and the brake.
My testers had the Performance Muffler, part of the Z51 Performance Package, which boosts horsepower to 495 and torque to 470 feet/pound (490 horsepower and 465 feet-pounds without). Z51 performance brakes with the Z51 logo are also part of the package, along with a Z51 rear spoiler, high-performance tires, electronic limited-slip rear differential and a heavy-duty cooling system.
We also have the Z51 Performance Suspension with Magnetic Ride Control ($1,895), which includes Performance Traction Management. Front Lift Adjustable Height Memory is $2,250. Other extras include the GT2 bucket seat ($1,495).

The sleek, muscular Corvette exterior with forward canopy position is inspired by modern fighter jets and Formula One racing. Distinctive features of the corvette include classic horizontal folds and aggressive front fenders. Design features include low profile LED headlights with projector and vertical daytime running lights, hidden doors (under carbon black inserts), hood and hatches to maintain a refined, sculpted design, large side air intakes, and quad exhaust tips. stainless steel on the outer bumper.

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