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An owner of an Orange classic came in with a popular vote win on Saturday despite not having his vehicle featured at the previous auto show. Kiel Bugden took his 1968 Ford Mustang to the Australian National Field Days Market Day and Car Show at the Borenore Field Days site on Saturday and said he was surprised when he won the trophy. “It was my first time displaying a car at a show,” he said. Mr Bugden said he owned the car for years and was a member of the Auto United and Mustang Owners clubs and said he wasn’t sure why he won. “There were a few Mustangs in there, but maybe the color was what caught people’s attention,” he said. “There’s a much more expensive car than mine [and] a car that is definitely rarer than mine.” However, he admits it was well made with attention to detail and he did a lot of the work himself. Euan and Wilga Coutts also took their 112 year old SCAT to show in front of the vintage car rally. next week. Mr Coutts said SCAT was an Italian company that made about 500 cars before becoming part of Fiat. He said he and Mrs Coutts had the 1910 model for about 20 years after buying it after being involved in a serious accident “I have always been interested in cars all my life me, but I’ve only really been interested in them in the last 30 years. We were on tour, we did a pretty far rally by car. Even though he said original parts were no longer available for purchase, the car still worked fine. Mr Coutts said the car was sold brand new in Sydney in 1910 and the first owner owned it until the 1920s when it was left in disrepair before being sold. rebuilt in 1970. The pair are members of the Orange Antique Motor Club and will participate in car rallies made before 1931. It will be held around Orange and Cabonne on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays. “There were people coming in from interstate, there were 120 cars ordered,” Coutts said. He said rallies are held in Orange every two years and in smaller communities in holiday years. Australian National Field Day Chair Sam Connell said around 30 cars and between 50 and 60 stalls were involved in the one-day event. He said this was the second time the market day had been held on site with the successful event taking place in December. However, he said it was their first time holding a car show, which unfortunately clashed with another auto show at the Elvis Parkes Festival. The next event on the Borenore site is a one day field day for people who have bought land or a hobby of farming and are looking for information on what to do next such as stocking properties. To read more stories, download the Central Western Daily news app on the Apple Store or Google Play. SAY YOU Send a letter to the editor using the form below:


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