Ford Ranger and plug-in hybrid Everest slated for 2024, coming to Australia – report

The new Ford Ranger ute and Everest four-wheel drive are ready for plug-in hybrid technology in 2024, according to new information sourced from Drive – and they seem to be on their way to Australia.

Above and below: See how the Ford Ranger plug-in hybrid looks like.

New generation Ford Rangers ute dan Ford Everest four-wheel drive appears on the track for get plug-in hybrid option in 2024according to new information sourced from Drive – and they line for Australian showrooms.

Information available to the public is extracted by Drive shows a plug-in hybrid (PHEV) version of the new Ford Ranger ute and Everest SUV under development – ​​rather than a ‘self-charging’ or all-electric hybrid option – and slated for launch in late 2023, or in 2024.

Moreover, the information indicates that the new PHEV Ranger and Everest are scheduled to be offered in Australia – arriving in Ford showrooms as a model year 2024 vehicle – making it some of the first electric offerings in each of the major 4WD and vehicle segments.

The hybrid version of the Toyota HiLux is not expected to arrive until the next-generation model is launched sometime in the middle of this decade, while Isuzu/Mazda competitor Nissan and even Ford’s development partner for the new Ranger, Volkswagen, have yet to announce the company. plans to introduce hybrid dual cab vehicles.

The specifications of the Ranger plug-in hybrid and Everest electric motor and engine combination have yet to be announced – and it’s unclear whether a petrol or diesel engine will be placed under the PHEV’s hood.

However, given the popularity of gasoline over diesel in plug-in hybrid systems globally – and the shift in tastes from diesel in Europe (and demand for diesel not in the US) – there is well-placed speculation that gasoline engines will power the future. front. Ranger and Everest plug-in hybrid models – to be sold alongside diesel-only offerings.

Given that the 167kW 2.5-liter four-cylinder PHEV system in the Escape medium SUV is likely to be deemed insufficient, and the 336kW 3.0-liter turbo V6 system in the large Explorer overseas SUV too powerful, Ford can strike a balance in the Ranger and Everest. with a turbocharged four-cylinder engine.

The new Ford Ranger will be offered in the US and other overseas markets with a 2.3 liter turbocharged four-cylinder petrol engineexpected to develop at approximately (or over) 200kW and 420Nm – perfect for a powerful gasoline plug-in hybrid system.

With the help of the electric motor and battery pack, these numbers can surpass 250kW – beating the around-190kW V6 diesel engine that was placed above the standard range of Ranger and Everest in Australia when new models launch later this year (excluding the Ranger Raptor).

News of the plug-in hybrid Ford Ranger and Ford Everest for 2024 follows comments late last year from the engineers who developed the model, with one confirmation to the media: “We have enabled electrification on the platform.

“We won’t talk about them in more detail now… and when they become available.

“But, you know, electrification… globally is coming and it’s a global pick-up, so we have many, many customer needs and we have to meet those needs.”

Ford Ranger, Everest and Volkswagen Amarok T6 platform chief engineer, Ian Foston, told Australian media: “Of course we have spoken to customers around the world and there are clearly two big drivers for electrification. [including hybrid technology].

“One of them is through customers who have often had ownership experience in various electric vehicles. And they’re asking about when pick-ups will be available with that technology.

“And there are also legislative requirements that have been implemented in a number of markets around the world. So clearly there is a big future for [hybrid and electric vehicles] in each segment, trucks are also one of them.”

The new one Ford Ranger and Ford Everest plug-in hybrid slated to launch in Australia as a Model Year 2024 vehicle, showing first arrivals at local showrooms in end of 2023, or around 2024.

A conventional diesel-powered version of the new Ford Ranger will hit showrooms in mid-2022, with the Everest slated to follow later in the year.

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