Ford Ranger Raptor Buying Guide 2023

wade through already launched with the launch of the F-150 Raptor and since then, its range has been expanded with the recent addition of the Ford Bronco Raptor and Ford Ranger Raptor. It may be a smaller pickup, but the Ranger Raptor shines as a lifestyle vehicle and a more powerful engine for off-grid adventures and off-road missions.

While the return of the Ranger is fairly recent by car standards, the Raptor didn’t take long to arrive and wow the public. Apart from being an aspirational mini-F150-Raptor, it also boasts a proven powertrain and perhaps enough image to attract potential buyers from other automakers like General Motors.

Note: While we wait for official consumer news about the upcoming Ranger Raptor, HotCars’ ‘Cost, Facts And Figures’ rating defaults to 1 out of 10. Once we start giving owners opinions on this upcoming vehicle, we’ll be sure to update. score to reflect what the driver thinks.

Main feature

  • Upgraded version of the mid-sized pickup
  • Rough style
  • High-end powertrain
  • Improved off-road capability over the standard model

  • Model: Ranger Raptor
  • Motorcycle engine: 3-liter V6, twin-turbocharged
  • Horsepower: 392 hp
  • Torque: 430 lb-ft
  • Drive chain: front engine,
  • Transmission: 10 speed auto

  • A more capable chassis and better performance than the standard Ranger
  • Similar images of the bigger Raptor with less down payment

  • Still expensive compared to basic Ranger
  • Lack of powertrain and drivetrain options
  • The interior lacks much to distinguish it as a special model

It’s Business As Usual Behind The Tarpaulin, And That’s OK

As you might expect, the unit that powers the Ford Ranger Raptor is a turbocharged unit; but that’s not a bad thing. Although the Ranger Raptor is not yet on sale and is slated to arrive at some point as a 2023 model, it will likely come with a twin-turbo 3-liter V6 engine also shared with the Ford Bronco Raptor, possibly producing around 392 hp and 430 lb-ft. This proven unit is powerful and relatively fuel efficient – ​​superior to the older, naturally aspirated V8 that was once more widely used. Many will disagree – and perhaps they have a point – the smaller turbo engine lacks the sound and character of a large-capacity V8 or V6, but with about 10 seconds of 0-60 mph and pockets of torque it should be capable on and off the road.

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The Ford Ranger Raptor 2023 Is All About Off-Roading

With an updated and more powerful chassis and suspension setup, the Ranger Raptor should do better off-road and judging by the F-150 Raptor and Bronco Raptor that would be a real problem.

According to Ford’s general press release regarding the European Ranger Raptor: “(The Ranger Raptor will feature) – seven selectable driving modes and a reengineered suspension featuring internal FOX® 2.5-inch Live Valve internal bypass shock absorbers developed by Ford Performance. (Also) a new state-of-the-art full-time four-wheel drive system includes an electronically controlled on-demand two-speed transfer case and locking front and rear differentials.”

The suspension system features “All-new, tough yet lightweight, aluminum top and bottom control arms, long front and rear suspension” plus there’s an underbody guard when things get real off the beaten track. It’s also taller than the standard Ranger, and offers extra ground clearance for use with oversized 33” off-road tires. Unsurprisingly, the front-engined bike runs via the same 10-speed automatic transmission as the Bronco Raptor and there’s no manual transmission option – AWD is standard and this drivetrain should be solid and proven.

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If Style And Presence Are What You Want In Your Lifestyle Vehicle, Ranger Raptor Will Do It

Ford knew that one of the main selling points of the Ranger Raptor, like its brethren, was its design and image and technical capabilities. It should look sturdy, modern and fit for anyone looking for a ‘lifestyle vehicle’ – something it does while emulating the look of the flagship F-150 Raptor. Up front, it’s a departure for Ranger design since the return of the 2019 pickup, missing are the signature headlights and the borrowed F-150’s black plastic grille along with an attractively shaped headlight unit.

As Ford puts it: “The flared wheel arch and C-clamp headlight design emphasize the width of the pickup, while the bold FORD lettering on the grille and solid split bumper adds more visual muscle.

Inside, the theme continues to emphasize the Ranger Raptor’s off-road performance and high-energy nature. The cabin features the latest fighter jet-inspired sports seats at the front and rear to increase comfort and offer more support during high-speed cornering.

Code Orange accents on the instrument panel, trim and seats are mirrored by the Ranger Raptor’s ambient lighting, which bathes the interior in amber light. A premium leather heated sports steering wheel with swollen thumbs, center markings and magnesium paddle shifters complete the sporty feel.” You also get a center-mounted 12” infotainment screen and a 12.4” digital cluster to ensure the cabin feels modern, impressive and practical; nowadays, your screen size is just as important as your ground clearance, even in off-road friendly pickups.

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How much did the 2023 Ford Ranger Raptor cost when it finally went on sale?

With the high-end Ford Ranger Lariat costing nearly $38,000, the Raptor is likely to cost a significant premium over the former. On Ford’s website, a Ford Bronco Wildtrak costs around $50,000-51,000 depending on the 2-door or 4-door layout; The flagship Everglades trim level costs $53,000 and the Ford Bronco Raptor around $68,500 before options. For an additional $15,000, the Raptor in the Ranger range might cost $53,000 if it follows the same price trend.

The base Ranger is matched by a 2.3-liter turbocharged engine and 270 hp / 310 lb-ft of torque – so a 40% increase in power and torque will probably make a big difference for those who need the Ranger the most in demanding situations. Then there are the questions of style and image, which are subjective; but there’s no denying the baby Raptor’s charisma.

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