Ford, VW, BMW and others trying to maintain California’s emission power

Washington — Ford Motor Co. and the US branches of Volkswagen AG, BMW AG, Honda Motor Co., and Volvo Cars Ltd. asking to intervene in a federal lawsuit to retain California’s power under the Clean Air Act to set its own strict emission standards.

It marked the major automaker’s re-entry into the fight that divided the industry under former President Donald Trump, who lifted a California waiver that allowed it to set its own emissions standards, which are generally stricter than the federal government and have far-reaching repercussions. in the US auto industry.

When President Joe Biden took office, he directed the government to reverse the decision and in March, the Environmental Protection Agency restored the waiver.

In mid-May, Republican attorney generals in 17 states challenged the decision in court. Led by Ohio, the lawsuit argues that the waiver violates the US Constitution’s “equal sovereignty” principle. California and 19 other states also joined the lawsuit to defend the power of waiver.

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