GM, Ford monitor 4 day work week experiment in UK

A new experiment to test the four-day work week has caught the attention of two Detroit automakers and other businesses.

Four-Day Week Global, a New Zealand-based non-profit think tank, has conducted research starting this week. In it, some 3,300 workers at 70 UK companies will get an extra day off every week for the next six months.

It all happened without losing pay in what organizers called the largest four-day experiment to date. Organizers say the goal is to see if workers can be 100% productive, but have healthier lives with less stress working just four days a week.

“The impact of ‘big resignations’ is now proving that workers across a wide range of industries can produce better results while working shorter and smarter jobs,” said Joe O’Connor, CEO of Four-Day Week Global.

Many metro Detroit businesses are changing workplace requirements after the COVID-19 pandemic sent many salaried employees home to work. They are now looking for new solutions to provide all employees with work-life benefits that will attract and retain talent.

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