Hagens Berman: Ford Mustang Mach-E Electric Vehicle Owner Sues Automaker For Shutdown Defect Causing Sudden and Immediate Power Outage

DETROIT–(BUSINESS WIRE)– The class action lawsuit filed today against Ford accuses the automaker of knowingly putting its customers and the public at risk through a defect that affects at least half of Ford Mustang Mach-E electric vehicles, causing a sudden and total loss of power, according to lawyers at Hagens Berman.

According to the lawsuit, certain Ford Mach-E vehicles are designed and manufactured with a faulty high-voltage main battery contactor which can reportedly suddenly and unexpectedly cause the vehicle to lose power, disable the engine and key safety features. Disability presents a high risk of accident, injury and death.

If you take delivery of your Mustang Mach-E at any time on or after May 2021, your EV may suffer a malfunction that could cause a sudden loss of power. Contact Hagens Berman to find out more about this issue and your consumer rights against Ford.

The lawsuit was filed in U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Michigan and accuses Ford of “selling a Ford Mustang Mach-E vehicle that was badly damaged and prone to complete and partial death while driving” and then diverted the risk of a lethal event dangerous to the vehicle owner by failing to repair the damage caused. is known.

Lawyers say Ford has instructed its dealers to stop shipping Mustang Mach-E vehicles, but has done nothing to stop use of those already on the road.

According to the lawsuit, Ford’s only solution is to issue an over-the-air software update which will likely do nothing to resolve the hardware flaw and may have the unintended consequence of slowing charge times and reducing engine power for owners due to lowering function. charger and engine to avoid overheating, but failed to correct battery contactor defects.

The lawsuit states, “…instead of actually repairing the faulty contactor, Ford actually degraded the battery and vehicle power, providing less performance than what Mach-E owners purchased and what Ford was promoting for Disabled Vehicle Shutdown. ”

β€œAt best, Ford’s so-called ‘fixes’ seem insufficient and ineffective, taking these cars far from the Mustang name they give them, and at worst, it only delays the very likely potential that a sudden death event caused by Mustang Mach-E defects can lead to fatal accidents,” said Steve Berman, co-founder and managing partner of Hagens Berman.

“Mustang Mach-E owners reported a horrific event – a complete loss of gas at full speed on the highway, trying to pass through traffic with a sudden total loss of power,” Berman added. “We want to see Ford take meaningful action, fast.”

The lawsuit seeks payments for affected vehicle owners under consumer rights law, including costs incurred in an effort to repair and mitigate the effects of the defect, as well as the loss of value of the vehicle due to a defect that arguably tarnished the Mustang. Mach-E brand.

The company has filed dozens of class action lawsuits against the automaker, including an additional class action filed against Ford in July 2022 for a spontaneous fire in its luxury SUV. Hagens Berman has helped successfully secure the largest automotive settlement in history.

Learn more about the class action lawsuit against Ford on behalf of Mustang Mach-E owners.

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