Here’s What You Didn’t Know About The Saleen Mustang 302 Black Label 2019

Saleen Automotive is a high-performance sports car modification company with some truly stunning creations in its portfolio. Even though company founder Steve Saleen started the race wade through Mustang, his business made the proverbial quantum leap after starting to customize and tune the Mustang. As one of the top Mustang modifiers, Saleen has established himself alongside tuners like Roush. Saleen has created a Mustang so cool that Ford can’t help but notice it. The two companies now have a close working relationship.

When Ford revived the GT in 2002, Saleen was offered two significant contracts to develop and manufacture the vehicle. The team worked on the interior, electrical systems and more, from paint to powertrain. However, modifying the Mustang continued to be Saleen’s primary love despite getting a GT contract, diversifying into a very limited hypercar of their design, and upgrading other Ford models such as the new Bronco.

Assembling and modifying the Mustang remains a mainstay of Saleen. So, when Ford’s famous muscle car was in the hands of a high-performance tuning and modding house, something truly extraordinary like the 302 Black Label happened.

In this article, we outline everything you need to know about the Black Label Saleen Mustang 302 2019. Let’s dig in.

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What Does Saleen Mean In Mustang?

When the Mustang received Saleen’s magic, it basically brought about a drastic increase in horsepower and aerodynamics. The Saleen package on the Mustang includes tweaked engine and powertrain updates such as the air intake and oil cooler, along with a body kit that underwent wind tunnel tests to create a functional aggressive rearrangement.

In 1984, the company launched the Saleen Mustang, the first high-performance road vehicle. In addition to the Mustang, Saleen’s tuning portfolio includes cars based on the Ford Explorer, Focus, F-150, Dodge Challenger, Chevy Camaro, and Tesla Model S.

How much is Saleen 302 Black Label?

The Saleen Black Label 302 is available through a time-tested and reliable procedure whereby Ford sells a batch of 5.0-liter Mustang GTs to Saleen, who then refinishes them at the company’s Corona, California plant. After that, Ford and exotic car dealers who had received Saleen’s certification sold vehicles across the country.

The Saleen 302 is available in three different configurations: White Label 475 horsepower ($47,000), Yellow Label 740 horsepower ($74,995), and Black Label ($78,495), which is also supercharged and is claimed to have 800 horsepower at 6,000 pm and torque. 687 lb-ft at 5,200 rpm. In particular, the Black Label 302 Saleen is faster than the Shelby GT500, which boasts the most powerful factory in a Ford production car. At $73,995, the GT500 can produce 760 horsepower from its supercharged 5.2-liter V8.

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The Incredible Power of the Black Label Saleen Mustang 302 2019

The Saleen’s 800-horsepower handlebar sounds great for the price, but sadly, an experienced dental chief knows that numbers don’t always paint the picture. Additionally, gearheads and enthusiasts are looking to aftermarket tuners like Roush and Saleen to fix their need for speed, as automakers struggle under energy and emissions laws. We’re sad to say that Saleen’s latest Black Label Mustang offers these improvements, but it’s not quite as complete as we’d hoped.

In contrast, Saleen’s treatment shines in the same areas that America’s “Big Three” automakers use as consolation for horsepower drops — trifles like Corinthian leather, stripe packs, and other low-cost marketing annoyances. Notably, the 2020 Ford Mustang GT500 offers a similar level of performance to the Saleen aftermarket package, which, indeed, puts a big question mark on where Saleen’s latest creation belongs in the performance lineup.

You become the judge.

Saleen’s supercharged Black Label ‘302 Black Label handlebar loads 800 horses, which, as you’ll soon see, is a promise of incredible power, but only if the power is consistent. Saleen built the Black Label based on the 2019 Mustang GT Premium with the Equipment Group 400A. That’s primarily a comfort and convenience package, with perks like heated and cool leather upholstery and the Sync 3 infotainment system. You get new seats, white gauges in place of the standard’ Handlebar readouts, and push gauges mounted above the dashboard.

This and the Saleen logo are the only updates that set the Saleen’s interior apart from other Mustangs. This is a classic aftermarket tuner – take stock of the ‘GT’s Handlebar and cut vents here and there to its body, strengthen the suspension, and attach a blower to the engine accompanied by an exhaust fit to tickle eardrums. Saleen has been doing this since the ’80s, so definitely knows how to get over the ‘ Handlebar. It doesn’t matter that the inside is mostly the same as the factory Mustang, as long as the number “800” keeps floating around in our heads like a loose flag.

Saleen’s care is most obvious on the outside. The tuner’s decision not to build on the GT Pack 1 performance pack – as Roush did – means the 302 Black Label features significantly revised bodywork, giving the car a very distinct personality on the road. Saleen grafted its own hood, front and rear fascia that shortens the ‘Stangular’ length by about five inches, quarter window trim, and a few scoops and vents touting it as a modern 800 horsepower muscle car, though much of it is more for looks. than function.

However, the taller hood is definitely functional as it’s there to accommodate Saleen’s massive supercharger, allowing the 5.0-liter Ford Coyote V8 to put out an insane 800 horsepower and 687 lb-ft of torque. Saleen also gave the car a new engine cooling and, of course, a high-performance exhaust system to wake up neighbors and match the updated power plant. But only if the power is consistent.

Everything goes well in first gear until you get a sizeable amount of speed in higher gears. The engine stutters, making the car uncomfortable and making the driver hesitate to push harder. One test driver described the throttle as behaving like a light switch that was either full or off, making the Saleen’s incredible power very difficult to enjoy. You have to shift more often than you should, which slows the car down.

While it’s a little frustrating, it’s probably unrealistic to expect Saleen to replace the gearbox with a more tuned one. However, the Saleen Black Label offers the most thrilling acceleration when all is well – until you have to shift into second gear. Ultimately, the $78,495 price tag puts this 800-hp monster within reach of drivers who would otherwise receive less, like, the Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat Redeye Widebody starting at $76,245 hanging around its neck.

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