Here’s Why The 2016 Ford Edge Is An Underrated SUV

There are a lot of car names out there that don’t reflect the vehicle’s personality. You can even claim that it is standard. 2016 wade through Edge, however, defies the norm.

The two-row Edge provides more interior space than a small crossover without being a three-row behemoth like its Explorer and Flex stable companions, so the name is apt. Given that there aren’t many crossovers that can match it across the board, the Edge naturally has an “advantage” in the market.

The Edge looks orderly and agile on the road despite its moderate size and ample passenger and cargo space. That’s largely due to the improvements Ford made to its body and suspension construction in 2015 when it underwent a complete redesign.

As a result, the crossover weighs over two tons but is more like a tall sedan. With the all-wheel drive turbocharged V6 in the Edge Sport, you get a crossover fast enough that can compete with certain luxury brand vehicles.

Let’s dig deeper into why the 2016 Ford Edge is an underrated SUV

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2016 Ford Edge Incorporates A Combination Of Soft-Touch Materials To Create A Passenger’s Feel Of Quality

Since previous versions of the Edge predate the automaker’s concentration on the interior, this year’s Edge redesign looks especially dramatic on the inside. It receives the same comfortable, affluent, yet formal look present in most of the Ford portfolio.

The cab that has raised the Fusion sedan above most of its competitors in terms of design, quality and touch is on the Edge in a slightly taller and thicker version. And happily, the Edge replaces many of the distracting components of the previous mid-cycle redesign with actual buttons.

Soft touch materials are almost everywhere. The Edge received a customizable version of the gauge cluster featured in other Ford models.

It simplifies control with a beautiful matte-black center console controlled by a steering wheel switch. It feels a bit harsh and German, similar to many Ford cars today, at a time when the German automaker improved the interior even further.

2016 Ford Edge Exterior Aggressive And Sharp

While it doesn’t appear to have changed much from the exterior, it has undergone a slight evolution and has a slightly different shape from some angles.

Whatever the case, it follows and develops design trends built with the outgoing Edge. This required a dashing front end with a very aggressive grille and side profile framed by slanted, protruding pillars.

However, don’t assume that means Edge hasn’t undergone a complete rethink. The sheet metal has been completely redesigned, down to the last detail.

Designer Kevin George spends a lot of time focusing on what he calls “traditional Edge elements”. These include the bars on the grille, folds in the belt line, and a substantial increase in the rear pillar. However, the new side body sculptures make the design seem a bit lighter and more agile.

The 2016 Edge is full of elements that add to its overall appeal. The grille ignores the full chrome attack in favor of a more refined appearance that is bordered by light components that are narrower and surround the trapezoidal grille.

The circular taillights and the continuous protrusion of the rear pillars give this vehicle a sports car-like appearance. Lower body elements such as air dams and lighting also contribute to this impression.

The taillights have a truly innovative design that wraps around the back corners and has a bulb that runs right behind, showcasing the benefits of an LED array.

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The 2016 Ford Edge Is 10/10 When It Comes To Keeping Its Passengers Safe

Anti-lock brakes, traction and stability control, and Ford Curve Control help drivers avoid hazards. Front knee airbags, front side airbags, side curtain airbags and rear view camera are all standard on the 2016 Ford Edge.

When combined with a compatible phone, the basic Ford Sync emergency crash notification feature will automatically call 911. Ford’s MyKey is also standard. Owners can use it to enforce electronic restrictions for secondary drivers. All models have rear parking sensors, except the SE.

Among the optional safety features are inflatable outboard rear seat belts, blind spot monitoring, rear traffic warning, and lane departure warning and prevention systems. The 2016 Edge also has a forward collision warning system with brake support that presses the brakes for maximum stopping power when detecting an impending collision.

The 2016 Edge performed flawlessly in the government crash test, scoring five stars overall, five stars for complete front impact protection, and five stars for comprehensive side impact protection.

Edge received the highest score of “Good” in a moderately overlapping frontal-offset impact test. And the second best rating was “Acceptable” in the frontal-offset impact test of small overlap during crash tests conducted by IIHS. For tests of side impact protection, roof strength, and whiplash, Edge received a “Good” rating.

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