Here’s Why The Ford Ranger Raptor Is The Best Mid-Size Truck Today

Launched as a 2019 model, the wade through The Ranger Raptor is a small version of the amazingly amazing F-150 Raptor, but sadly, it was dropped from the American market. However, the Ford Ranger Raptor is finally coming to the United States as a 2023 model! Looking back, the previous decision to exclude the United States from marketing the model was taken to avoid the risk of the model overlapping with the best-selling F-150 Raptor, while also avoiding a powertrain output clash with the regular Ranger.

Nonetheless, the Ranger Raptor did find its way into several European markets, including the UK, and that’s very impressive. It’s fat, strong, incredibly comfortable, and drives smooth. The Ranger Raptor is a crew cab truck designed for extreme off-road terrain, and few competitors can challenge its authority in the mid-size category. Therefore, while we eagerly await the ‘American’ version, this is what makes the current Euro-spec Ford Ranger Raptor so desirable.

8 Powertrain

The Ford Ranger Raptor is built with enough power to tackle all off-road challenges thanks to the Ford EcoBlue engine. To be precise, the truck’s mechanical strength comes from the EcoBlue 2.0-liter bi-turbo diesel engine which is upgraded for more power, increased efficiency and reduced emissions.

With an output of 210 horsepower and 369 lb-ft of torque, this engine is purposely tuned to produce enough off-road power for the Raptor. Power distribution is handled by a 10-speed automatic transmission.

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7 Show

While the powerplant’s stats don’t sound as great as some of the best in its segment, it does perform well enough for its off-road duties. The 210 horsepower Ford EcoBlue engine takes the Raptorized Ranger from rest to 62 mph in 10 seconds, and also has a top speed of 112 mph.

Judging by its level of fuel efficiency, the Ranger Raptor can cover a distance of 35 miles on just one gallon of fuel.

6 All Terrain Tires & Suspension FOX Racing

There are a number of factors that contribute to the Ranger Raptor’s threatening attitude, and one of them is its large all-terrain tires. The standard 17-inch Raptor wheels are wrapped in 33-inch BF Goodrich all-terrain tires with a special tread pattern, longer tread life and tougher sidewalls than standard factory tires.

Additionally, the superb performance tuned FOX Racing Suspension is standard on the Ranger Raptor, and it helps the truck handle all the penalties offered on the road.

5 Field Management System

Off-roading brings different challenges due to the challenging terrain, and to adequately address these challenges, Ford provided the Ranger Raptor with a feature known as the Terrain Management System. This system helps maximize the power of the Raptor 4×4, by providing adjustments for acceleration, steering sensitivity, shift behavior and traction control.

Specifically, the system is available in six modes namely Normal mode, Sports mode, Grass, Gravel and Snow mode, Mud and Sand mode, Rock mode and the amazing Steel mode.

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4 Luxury Cabin With Premium Infotainment

The Ranger Raptor has a comfortable cabin with elegant and supportive sports seats made of microfiber and equipped with the Raptor badge. In addition, the truck has heated electric seats neatly arranged in the cab that can easily accommodate five people with good headroom even for tall people.

The infotainment settings are great too. It has an 8-inch touchscreen with the amazing Ford Sync 3 system as well as Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, Maps and other great features as standard.

3 Sports Steering Wheel

The Ranger Raptor’s sportiness can be seen and felt. The truck cab features a unique perforated leather sports steering wheel with a red racing 12 o’clock mark, for the ultimate in truck grip and control, even on the most challenging terrain.

It gets even sportier with a performance-inspired magnesium paddle shifter mounted on the steering wheel. This ensures an easier and more efficient shift of gears every time during the ride, without taking your hands off the wheel.

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2 Lockable Truck Bed

To ensure compatibility with the European Pallet Pool, among other purposes, the All-New Ford Ranger Raptor is equipped with a tailgate that can accommodate standard Euro pallets. That said, the bed can also be used for a variety of transport needs, related to work or even camping trips.

In addition, Ford has made safety the most important feature on its trucks, which is why, in addition to its sturdy fastening latch, the Ranger Raptor truck bed and tailgate can be locked and unlocked manually.

1 Downhill Control

Hill Descent Control is one of a series of driver assistance features found on the Ranger Raptor. Control adjusts downhill speed in off-road conditions without driver input. As a manifestation of the cruise control system, Hill Descent Control adopts traction technology with anti-lock brakes.

Thus, constantly controlling braking pressure to minimize slippage while maintaining a predetermined constant speed during descent. This is one of the Ranger Raptor’s few fun features, as the driver is only in charge of controlling the steering wheel.

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