High Country Gives You the High Life in a 2022 Chevy Silverado

Your pickup truck is not limited to towing and hauling tasks. With the right trim level, your Chevy Silverado gives you all the comforts and features of a premium to luxury vehicle. Don’t worry, it’s still a Chevy truck, which means you won’t be overpaying for items that fall into the upper trim levels. However, if you want to enjoy some of the best that your truck has to offer, don’t be afraid to check out what the Chevy Silverado top trim brings to your drive.

Can you move up to High Country level in all three 2022 Chevy Silverado trucks?

To clear up confusion, there are three versions of the Silverado. The half-ton model is the 1500, the three-quarter-ton version is the 2500 HD, and the one-ton truck is the 3500 HD. All three trucks offer High Country trim, which is the top trim level for the brand. Let’s see what each version gives you.

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