HJ Monaro, Ford Galaxie, ’56 Chev hardtop, One-Tonner + more

Steve Lane
Holden HJ Monaro

“I’ve owned the Monaro for about eight years. Initially it was used mostly for drag racing, but since then I made it more streetable. Powering it is a four-bolt 454 GM Mk IV block, 30thou up. It runs ARP heads and main studs, polished GM steel cranks and Scat H beam bars with 2000 ARP bolts.


The 320cc Pro1 Dart head runs Jesel rocker gears, PAC springs and stainless valves, and the cam is a Comp solid roller with Crower Hippo lift. Above is a mechanical Crower eight-stack injection on the E85. The gearbox is a Powerglide built with a 4800rpm converter, while a nine-inch with 31-spline billet axle, Richmond 4.11 gears, and a Strange Pro Iron center live in the rear. It rests on a Gazzard shock with a moly adjustable arm.

James Lane Hj Monaro Engine Bay Road Engine Features


The bike has been built to handle 250-shot nitrous later on, but has gone 10.20@133mph with carby, no rear anti-roll bar and 50/50 shocks, so I expect to run to a naturally aspirated nine with injection and rear upgrade.

Street Machine Showcases James Lane Hj Monaro's Interior


Thanks to Al Farrer from Farrer Race & Performance and Scott and Skye from Willy’s Wash ‘n’ Wax, and my family.” Photo: Steve Kelly

Chris Osmond
Ford Capri

Chris Osmond Ford Capri Road Engine Features


“I’ve had my Capri for 20 years now. I got it from the minus pair of the motor and gearbox. I love pro street style buildings, so the car has been cut and ‘locked up. He ran a fuel-pump Windsor 383ci combo consisting of a Dart four-bolt block, steel crank, H-beam rod, SRP forged pistons, 690 solid roller lift cam and a set of Brodix heads stocked with all the good gear, built by Jason at CPE.

The gearbox is a three-speed, manual-shift, reverse-pattern Hughes C4, which connects to a four-inch moly tail shaft with Strange components and a nine-inch moly sheet metal axle with 31-spline Moser axles. It has Convo 15×4 and 15×10 rims with custom beads. I sorted the panels and painted them with Quicksilver in a shed at home and finished with traditional striping. There are a few more things I want to do, but I have a few cars now, so love has to get around!”

Brenton Wilde
Ford EA Fairmont Ghia

Fairmont's Brenton Wilde Ea Road Engine Features


“I ALWAYS wanted an EA SVO, and I bought this one at the age of 20 in 2009. It is in poor condition, with the distinctive wheelarch and rust on the top of the windshield. Now running stock AU bottom end with JMM cam regrind, Crow springs and vernier cam gear on top. Turbo is a 76mm unit. Behind the mill sits a powerful manual BTR trans with converter and 3500rpm transbrake, turning the rear axle 3.5 inches and the BW75 differential 3.45.

Features of the Brenton Wilde Ea Street Engine Fairmont Engine Bay


I hit Heathcote Park Raceway in early 2019 and finally made it to my goal of 10.99@125mph with a stock AU bottom end, BTR and BorgWarner diff in a full weight street car. Then I ran 10.8 @ 126mph on a 35 degree day. I am very happy with that result. At that point I decided to stop the car from racing for now and focus on sprucing it up cosmetically, as I had left it a bit less in pursuit of my pace.”

Will Taylor
Galaxy Ford

Will Taylor Galaxie Front Angle Road Machine Features


“This 1972 Ford Galaxie LTD, aka PIG335, runs a big block Ford 400ci, C6 auto, and a nine-inch difference, all from the factory. It was once one of Prime Minister Gough Whitlam’s government vehicles, ordered from the US and modified and plated here in Australia. After being sold to a private owner, the car underwent several minor modifications to mimic the original Las Vegas Sheriff 335 highway patrol vehicle. The headlights were purchased from the original decommissioned vehicle and the complete sticker kit was ordered through the police department.

Will Taylor Galaxie Road Engine Features Back Angle 2


The car is truly original apart from the obvious addition, and was a great six-seater cruiser for my family! It really does turn heads (lights and sirens are fully functional), and has been used for various fundraising events. Soon it’ll be in for a driveline refresh, and maybe a sneaky cam swap. ”

Sean O’Brien
1956 Chevrolet hardtop

Sean Obrien Street Engine Features 1956 Chev Front Angle


“IN the 1990s, my dad and I bought our ’56 Chevs from California as a family project – mine hardtop and matching coupe. Both have matching colors, almost matching interior and rego. The interiors of both cars were finished by Pat at Sunshine Motor Trimming, and we did the right-hand drive conversion ourselves. The whole family was involved in the construction, including my sister and mother, who have passed away, so these cars hold close sentimental value for me and my dad.

Sean Obrien Street Engine Features 1956 Chev Engine Bay


My car uses a Motown 406ci block with all the good gear, thanks to Nino at Riverside Motors. Four-bolt electrics, SRP pistons, roller cams and large roller lifters help increase the reliability of a healthy V8. Alloy heads and single plane manifolds work well with the unique induction system I built. I bought a large soup pot and turned it into a cold air intake, with cold air drawn from under the car. This makes a huge improvement in performance, as well as helps the engine stay cool when driving on hot days. The motor produces good power but is still reliable and less aggressive.

Sean Obrien Street Engine Features 1956 Chev Interior


The TH350’s full manual trans and 5500rpm stall sends 650hp to the nine-inch rear chrome-moly tailshaft. I sent the car to John Holzer at Prostar Motorsport for a mini tub, where one thing leads to another; the rear now offers floating axle, four-link and Wilwood brakes. The oversized 325 boots now fit under the back, with rounded Prostar rims. Although it still needs sorting, I took the car to Calder and managed to get three passes with a PB of 11.1@126mph. I want to thank everyone involved in the construction, including Nino and John for their work.” Photo: Caprice Fotografi Photography

Jock Conlon
Holden One-Tonner

Jock Conlon Tonner Front Angle Road Machine Features


“I HAVE Premier HQ when I was young. I’ve changed it from 202 to 308 and it’s still in great condition, but I sold it and regretted it ever since. A few years ago, I decided it was time to get something old again, and when I saw this ute online, I couldn’t resist. Besides, it’s just down the road, so I went to have a look, and it was love at first sight.

Jock Conlon Tonner Rear Angle Road Machine Features


It’s got HJ Premier front, HX grille, ‘blue’ 253, Holley 600, Edelbrock manifold, extractor and thick cam. It drove a bit like a beast before, and not in a good way, so I rebuilt the front and it’s now on target.

Jock Conlon Tonner Engine Bay Street Engine Features


I think my 2014 SV6 Storm might hit it, but using it is about the whole experience – the taste, the old school smell, even the sound of the clock ticking right before I turned it on. 253 sounds amazing and never fails to make me smile.

Jock Conlon Tonner Interior Street Machine Features


It did the same for my son, Hugh, and to me, it was priceless. Therefore it is not going anywhere, forever. This is my pride and joy.” Photo: Darren Gerlach

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