Jersey featured in new Chevy truck ad

Few people across the country knew that the Michigan State hockey program would be making a cameo in Chevrolet’s latest television commercial highlighting the Silverado lineup of pickup trucks.

Scot Schlesinger was one of the shortlisted. And the only one in his office in Michigan State.

The one-minute ad, which began airing Sunday during an NFL conference championship game, features the return of Walter, a cat who acts like a dog. One scene is set in an ice pool, where Walter and his owner are playing hockey. As the camera cuts to a close-up of the owner, he’s wearing a Michigan State hockey jersey.

The performance came together, said Schlesinger, because of his long history of working with General Motors on behalf of the State of Michigan.

“Some of my contacts at GM called me and said they were shooting a winter themed commercial, and they were going to have the pool hockey part of it,” said Schlesinger, associate director of sales and athletics. marketing. “They asked me if we’d be willing to join them. We value our partnership with GM. It’s an amazing organization and we’re really excited to be their partner, so I immediately said, ‘Yeah, we’ll do that. It’s great to do that.’ “

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