Lincoln debuts updated Corsair 2023 for model year 2023

Ford Motor Co. luxury vehicle brand. on Monday revealed the 2023 Lincoln Corsair ahead of the Detroit auto show opening – where consumers will have the chance to see for themselves.

The Corsair, updated for the 2023 model year, will debut with ActiveGlide 1.2, Lincoln’s advanced hands-free driver assistance system, as an available feature. The brand first introduced ActiveGlide on the 2022 Lincoln Navigator.

“Corsairs play an important role in our portfolio – artistically crafted and expertly designed to appeal to Lincoln’s younger clients and give them the luxury experience they desire,” said Michael Sprague, Lincoln’s North America director, in a statement. “We want the driving experience to be easier and more personal and the new Corsair will deliver it with advanced technology and new features.”

The Corsair, the compact luxury crossover that is the best-selling vehicle in the Lincoln lineup, first debuted for the 2020 model year. Last year the Corsair sold about 23,000 units in the US Reflecting the growing popularity of the Lincoln in China, last year’s Corsair sold more than 50,000 units there.

Lincoln Corsair Grand Tour 2023

The Corsair will be the first of Lincoln’s vehicles to launch four features of the newly available advanced driver assistance system or ADAS: lane change assistance, lane repositioning, predictive speed assist, and intersection assist 2.0.

Using lane change assistance, the advanced driver assistance system will perform a hands-free lane change when the driver requests it by tapping the turn signal. It can also suggest lane changes in slow-moving traffic, Lincoln said in a news release.

Predictive speed assist automatically adjusts the speed of the oncoming vehicle as the driver approaches sharp turns on the road.

In-lane repositioning keeps the vehicle in its lane when moving it from vehicles in adjacent lanes. Intersection assist 2.0 helps drivers avoid collisions with pedestrians when turning.

Lincoln Corsair Grand Tour 2023

Corsair will also debut a blind spot assist feature that can detect other vehicles and warn the driver with lights in the side mirrors. And the optional automatic air refresh feature pairs a laser sensor with a cabin air filter to circulate fresh air into the cab.

Inside the vehicle, the Corsair 2023 features a 13.2-inch center stack display that is equipped with the Ford SYNC 4 infotainment system and is capable of receiving software updates. A 12.3-inch LCD cluster for the driver comes standard on the vehicle.

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