Meet MegaBronc, the Seven-Seat Ford Bronco/F-250 Mash-Up

  • North Carolina’s MegaRexx has turned a Ford Bronco into an F250-based seven-passenger convertible called the MegaBronc, and the giant is being picked up as soon as possible.
  • The MegaBronc is based on the Ford F-250 diesel truck with a lot of Bronco parts added to it.
  • The truck bed is now six inches shorter, but the vehicle itself is eight inches wider. The tire measures 40 inches. The price is also much higher.

    From 1978 to 1996, the Ford Bronco was essentially a regular cab pickup truck with a bench in the bed and a removable lid over the rear seats and cargo area. One company, Centurion Vehicles, said, “But what if it’s a four-door?” and grafted the tail end of the Broncos onto a crew cab F series truck to create the three-row Centurion Classic. In the spirit of the Brobdingnagian Broncos, MegaRexx of Wilmington, North Carolina, decided to make a three-line full-size Bronco: the MegaBronc. And for $224,950, MegaRexx will make it for you too.

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    This MegaBronc started out as a diesel-powered 2021 Ford F-250 4×4 before undergoing extensive Broncosmetic surgery. The headlights and grille are genuine Bronco cuts (two grilles, in fact, are needed to span the width of the Super Duty), while the front fenders and hood are custom fiberglass cuts that evoke the side lines of the Bronco plates. The rear fender gets a similar treatment, so although the new panels make the F-250 eight inches wider than stock, it’s not as noticeable. The bed was shortened by six inches to provide a much tidier overhang, and the light lift accommodated 40-inch tires. Bronco-ization is most effective at the front end—in profile, from the rear cab, it’s easy to see the Super Duty with the cover on the bed.

    Until the hat comes off and opens: the chair! Just like the Centurion Classic or Mercedes-Maybach G650 Landaulet, the rear passenger of the MegaBronc can go outdoors. To engineer the feat, MegaRexx removed the rear wall of the F-250’s cabin, welded the berth to the cab, and installed the second-row and third-row captain seats of an Expedition. A steel truss structure flank the third row of seats and provides a mounting location for the shoulder belt and LED lights. Legroom is great, and there’s still significant cargo space behind the third row. The truck is built from a Super Duty Crew Cab with a short wheelbase (159.8 inches), so trucks with a long 176-inch wheelbase will have room for the Tacko Fall in the third row. At least, with the roof off.

    megabronc taxi and bed joint

    The bed lost six inches of overhang and was welded to the cabin. A flatter Bronco-style rear quarter panel also widens the truck.

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    Perhaps unsurprisingly, the MegaBronc drives like a raised F-250 diesel. The axle has 4.56:1 gears to compensate for the big tires and the speedometer is corrected, so it really feels like a taller Super Duty until you look in the rearview mirror and see three rows of seats. The standard powertrain (475 horsepower and 1050 pound-feet of torque) also retains the manufacturer’s warranty. The towing isn’t the Bronco’s strong suit, but the MegaBronc can tow 15,000 pounds on a conventional trailer—which, in retrospect, is likely the only type of trailer to be towed, as the gooseneck will fit right where the third row sits.

    megabronc . third row seats

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    megabronc . cargo area

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    Whether all of this warrants a six-figure upgrade to the F-250 PowerStroke depends a lot on whether you plan to take off that top and take six friends to the beach, because—unlike in the days of the Centurion Classic— Ford already makes an excellent full-size three-row SUV. But the Expedition isn’t a convertible, and the Bronco isn’t a seven-seater, so the MegaRexx may have opened up a niche here.

    ford f250 megaraptor

    Because pro athletes also need trucks.

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    It’s worth noting that this is the same outfit that built the impossible MegaRaptor Super Duty on 46-inch MRAP tires with Trophy Truck-style bodywork. It would also appear to be a very special creation, a larger-than-life Traxxas toy that adds at least $55,000 to the Super Duty price and renders it unparkable in any building smaller than an airplane hangar. Whenever they list one for sale, it sells within an hour.

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