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The high school football pitch – at the peak of the fever – for teams across the area on Tuesday, September 6 as seven games resulted in just a pair of wins for the Midcoast squad.

The victory went to sons Mount View of Thorndike and Camden Hills of Rockport with decisions over Nokomis of Newport and Mount Blue of Farmington, while Medomak Valley of Waldoboro — in addition to sons Belfast, daughter Mount View, and daughters Camden Hills – is a dealt loss.

As Aiden Willis of Oceanside waits to enter, Mike King, left, and Sam Pendleton watch the game from the sidelines. King played for Pendleton at Georges Valley High School, which won eight state Class C titles under Pendleton, for whom the soccer field at Thomaston is named. Photo by Ken Waltz

The action continued on Wednesday, September 7 as Oceanside girls battled for a goalless, extra-time tie with Morse of Bath, while Oceanside boys Belfast girls and Searsport girls dealt losses.

Hayden Jacques of Oceanside, left, and Dylan Chiaramonte, along with Jason Bussey of Morse. Photo by Ken Waltz

The following is a recap of the reported results:


Morse 1, Seaside 0

At Rockland 7 September, the Shipbuilders got what proved to be a game-winning goal midway through the second half and beat the host Mariners, who suffered a second straight one-goal loss to start the campaign.

Elliot Trott of Oceanside. Photo by Ken Waltz

Jason Bussey scores, from an assist from Noritz, with 17:44 remaining in regulation.

Oceanside had chances to equalize with five minutes to play when Taygan McAllister stormed the net with a loose ball and goalkeeper Morse fell, but the hosts could not equalize.

“It’s tough in Class B North,” Mariner coach Travis Doughty said. “We faced all tough teams. No game is easy. We are there in every contest, but we have to find a way to score goals. That’s our focus on advancing to a formidable Winslow group. We are young, but competitive.”

View of Mount 5, Nokomis 2

At Newport 6 September, the Mustangs beat the Warriors 4-1 over the last 40 minutes and came back with a three-goal win. The score became 1-1 in the first half.

Noah Hurd scored twice for the winner, while Anthony Lepore, Nick Cobb and Tyler Russell added goals and Stewart Knowlton and Tanner Oathout assisted the visitors.

Mount View beat Nokomis 11-4 and held on to a 4-0 lead on a corner.

Isaac Widmer made two saves on goal for the Mustang and three saves for Dylan Souza on goal for the Warriors.

Charlie Pons of Camden Hills, left. Photo courtesy of Jessica Snyder

Camden Hills 3, Blue Mountain 0

At Rockport September 6th, the Windjammers controlled the game from start to finish and cleared visiting Cougars. Camden Hills held a 2-0 lead in the first half.

Jordan Peasley, Quinn Riordan and Noah Teel scored in the win for Camden Hills, while Max Welt and Charlie Pons provided assists.

Camden Hills hold a 28-6 lead in shots and a 6-0 lead in corners.

Finlay Fitch of Camden Hills. Photo courtesy of Jessica Snyder

Brian Leonard and Eben Weislogel combined in goal for the Windjammers, while James Stinson made 15 saves on goal for the Cougars.

“Opening day, combined with the first day of school, always raises the level of challenge and we’ve made it through,” said longtime Camden Hills coach Ryan Hurley. “We kept the ball well and limited Mount Blue’s chances. It’s great to be 2-0 this season and we have to play our best against a very good Bangor team on Friday.”

Eric LeBlond of Camden Hills. Photo courtesy of Jessica Snyder

Gardiner 1, Medomak Valley 0

At Waldoboro September 6, the Tigers scored a lone goal just seconds into the second half and held off the host Panthers.

Cam Lasalle scored for Gardiner in the first minute of the second half to explain the score.

Gardiner held a 10-4 lead on shooting, while Eli Pluecker made nine saves in the net for Medomak Valley.

Will Eggena of Camden Hills. Photo courtesy of Jessica Snyder

Maine Central Institute 5, Belfast 1

In Belfast 6 September, the Huskies collected the last four goals of the contest and passed the Lions. MCI held a 1-0 advantage in the first half.

Holden Nichols scored the only goal for Belfast, while Carter Disband finished with a hat-trick for MCI and Hudson Holestrom and Wyatt DeGrass a goal for the visitors.

MCI holds a 16-6 lead in shots and a 4-0 lead in corners.

Minh Hu made nine saves on goal for the Lions, while Cole Allen made two saves on goal for the Huskies.

Kara Andrews from Camden Hills, right. Photo courtesy of Jessica Snyder


Seaside 0, Morse 0 (2OT)

In Bath 7 September, the Mariners and Shipbuilders battled for a goalless draw after two 40-minute halves and two five-minute extra time.

The Mariners attempted eight shots and no corners, while goalkeeper Jillian Barnard made 12 saves on goal to help maintain cover.

Maine 10 Central Institute, Belfast 1

At Pittsfield 7 September, the Huskies scored in droves in a lopsided win over the Lions. MCI led 5-0 in the first half.

Olivia Varney (4 goals, 2 assists), Emma Burr (3 goals, 2 assists), Amya Braley (goals), Morgan Jensen (goals), Heather Nelson (goals) and Skyla Dean (2 assists) paced MCI, while Morgan Curtis scored for Belfast.

Rose Tohanczyn Camden Hills, front, and Leah Snyder. Photo courtesy of Jessica Snyder

Penobscot Valley 9, Searsport 0

At Howland 7 September, the Howlers won over the Vikings by closing.

Savannah Durost scored three goals in the win for Penobscot Valley, while Ellie Austin and Rylee Moulton added two and Lila Cummings and Lauren Vieno one.

The Howlers hold a 50-8 lead on shots.

Josh Bragdon made an impressive 37 saves on the net in an unlucky loss to Searsport, while Lauryn Smart made five saves on goal for Penobscot Valley.

Gardiner 4, Medomak Valley 2

At the Gardiner September 6, despite the fact that the visitors “dominated the second half,” said Medomak Valley coach Darryl Townsend, the Panthers came away with a two-goal loss to the Tigers.

Kytana Williamson and Haley Chandler scored for Medomak Valley.

Nokomis 1, Mountain View 0

At Thorndike September 6, the Mustang edged at home with a goal, courtesy of the Warriors.

Kayla More scored, from an assist Camella Guzzi, in the 22nd minute for the only goal of the game for Nokomis.

Jordan Von Oesen made five saves from seven shots on goal for the ‘Stangs, while Hailey Reynolds made eight saves from 15 for the Warriors.

“We controlled most of the game but struggled in the final third,” said Mount View coach David Page. “The defense was great, but we had one conceded and a mistake and they took advantage. It was really an interesting game despite the 1-0 scoreline and hopefully, as a young team, we will look back on this as a growth moment over the course of the season.”

Blue Mountain 3, Camden Hill 1

At Farmington 6 September, the Cougars defended their home against the Windjammers and emerged with a two-goal win. The match was a 1-1 draw in the first half.

Britta Denny scored the only goal for the Windjammers, while Katelyn Daggett scored twice for the Cougars and Alissa Butterfield once for the hosts.

Camden Hills have a 13-8 lead on shots and a 6-3 lead on corners.

Madelyn Tohanczyn made 11 saves on goal for Camden Hills, while Caitlin Burke made two saves on goal for Mount Blue.

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