New Ford Fiesta: 2021 facelift adds more technology and electrification

2021 Ford Fiesta supermini revealed
Hatchback, Active and ST versions launched
Mild hybrid engine, digital dial and lowered Vignale trim

Ford has announced a new Fiesta supermini for 2021. Big deal across the UK, as it is one of the best-selling new cars.

To keep up with the more powerful and digital Fiesta competitors Peugeot 208, Vauxhall Corsa and Renault Clio, Ford has undergone several minor revisions.

Are your car facelift bingo cards ready? You should scratch ‘electric’, ‘digital instrument’, ‘LED’ and ‘new color’ on your scorecard now.

Quite a snark – what’s changed in the design?

Everything is centered around a new front end, with a taller hood line and a larger grille throughout the lineup with the Ford logo on the front and center – not blending into the metallic surface like before. LED headlights are standard across the range (so no more wet halogen headlights for the base trim level), too, with matrix headlights available as an option on the top trim.

Speaking of trim levels, Ford has rationalized the Fiesta range. The standard hatch starts with Trend, goes up to Titanium and tops the ST-Line. Trend is the most basic, Titanium has more technology and the ST Line (seen in white here) adds a sportier body kit as before. Additionally, the Fiesta Active faux crossover trim remains, as does the excellent hot hatch ST.

Features a new wheel design across the range and two new colors, including the Borderless Blue seen on the (pictured) Active.

interior fiesta 2021

Interestingly (though not surprising), the Vignale has been downgraded from a standalone trim level to an option package. The package adds bespoke wheels, leather seats, and carbon fiber-like inserts in the dashboard. And a little more.

Elsewhere, little has changed inside. Ford missed the opportunity to revamp the Fiesta’s interior details – its plastic nature has long been a drawback to great little cars.

You mention more electrification?

Yes. Ford has, once again, cleaned up the confusing array of Fiesta engine combinations down to just three for the conventional hatchback and Active models, and all of them are 1.0-liter EcoBoosts. The entry-level one is the 99bhp unit, with the 123bhp and 153bhp versions including mild-hybrid assist for slick start/stop operation, glide opportunities and increased torque when needed. Ford claims 45.2mpg for the entry-level EcoBoost, and up to 48mpg from the mild hybrid option.

Along with a six-speed manual, a 123bhp EcoBoost can be had with a seven-speed automatic clutch. Each Fiesta has Eco, Normal and Sport drive modes and, while it lacks all-wheel drive, the Active trim also has Trail and Slippery modes.

How about the Fiesta ST?

st 2021 party

It still sounds like a commotion. The 1.5-liter EcoBoost remains at 198bhp, capable of launching the ST to 62mph in 6.5 seconds and a top speed of 143mph.

Along with the addition of the new Mean Green color from Puma ST to the Fiesta’s hot color rotation, it features a new performance seat with fat bolsters and 14-way electrical adjustment. Ford has dropped the Eco drive mode here, replacing it with a Track mode that turns off traction control and rolls back stability control.

st 2021 fiesta seats

Any other new Fiesta technology?

Along with the aforementioned standard LED lights (and optional matrix lights), the Fiesta can now be had with digital dials like the Puma and, more recently, the discreetly modified Focus. Colors and designs change depending on what mode you are using, you can personalize the information displayed.

Along with a suite of standard and optional safety aids, Ford says the Fiesta is now part of the FordPass app, allowing you to track and control your car remotely. ‘Local Hazard Information’, which alerts you to impending hazards on your route and a ‘Wrong Way Alert’ (which is self-explanatory) debuts in the Fiesta. Live traffic is fed into the navigation, and you can specify a 10-speaker B&O audio system.

fiesta instrument 2021

Ford Fiesta 2021: price and release date

Ford says the new Fiesta range starts at £16,620 in the UK, with first deliveries taking place in the first months of 2022.

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