New Morgan Super 3 Comes With Ford Engine And Mazda MX-5 Gear Gearbox

The Morgan Motor Company has profited from its reputation for making durable three-wheelers classic car. When the British automaker announced the Morgan 3 Wheeler, mixed reviews greeted it. This is because the last-minute engine change took many by surprise.

You see, when the prototype debuted, it used a Harley-Davidson V-twin engine. Finally, the production model relied on the S&S flat-twin engine. The 3-Wheeler is a piece of metal and a fine piece of beauty, but its glory can’t last, especially when the engine barely meets European emission criteria.

When change became imperative, Morgan came up with the idea for the Super 3 model. Although three-wheeled, this one is a vehicle with both the present and the future. Equipped with Ford’s powerful 1.5-L EcoBoost engine, it produces 118 hp and 110 lb-ft of torque at 6,600 rpm and 4,500 rpm, respectively.

In addition to engine upgrades, the Super 3 also has a Mazda MX-5 gearbox that further embodies modern inventions. Significant changes are found in other areas of the vehicle, and contrary to popular opinion, the Super 3 won’t cost much.

We can’t wait to receive this iconic sports car when it comes to the United States later this year. Let’s find out more about Morgan Motor Company’s newest creation.

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Morgan Motor Company at a Glance

Henry Frederick Stanley Morgan was the founder of the company, and he founded Morgan Motor in 1910. Prior to establishing the business, he assembled his first three-wheeled vehicle, in 1909. Until 1952, Morgan Motor began production of three-wheeled vehicles. , released a model that conquered several races.

Still sitting in Malvern, Worcestershire, has about 222 staff and has a record annual production of 850 units. Since the car is made by hand, it will take you six months to get it. However, that’s not always the case as some three-wheeler buyers have spent nearly a decade on the waiting list.

What’s so special about a Ford engine?

While you already know that the Super 3’s engine is the powerful 1.5L EcoBoost Dragon, this section will cover everything you didn’t know about it. For starters, it’s a turbocharged three-cylinder engine capable of powering subcompact and compact cars like the Ford Escape and Ford Focus. It’s also great for crossover vehicles.

There is dual overhead cam integration paired with an inline layout. Inspired by the Ford Fox engine, it’s more like an upgrade than the latter. For optimal performance, it is built to use cylinder deactivation technology and has a beautiful aluminum setting plus exhaust manifold.

The Super 3 engine can combine port fuel injection and direct fuel injection for increased efficiency. Do not forget that a low inertia variable turbocharger is present. Based on the Ford Fox engine design, the Dragon engine has belonged to the Ford Ecoboost lineage from 2014 to the present.

What Super Face 3 Looks Like

At the front, you’ll find twin headlights, and a horseshoe-style front grille, both of which carry the ideal Morgan design. Two small aluminum towers are found in the headlight pod, and they accommodate indicators plus a position beam. By doing so, it fulfills the prerequisite of a wide field of view.

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The engineers placed the engine under the car’s nose cone, a conscious effort to achieve an excellent weight ratio and equal proportions. It is located behind the centerline of the front wheels, and thanks to the mesh, rolling mechanical components can be observed.

What Does Side Blades Super 3 Do?

Morgan admits that it is quite difficult to achieve a small footprint while increasing the back circle of its predecessor. To solve this problem, the engineers wrapped the radiator in a thin and slim panel. When on a plane, the typical term is “diffuser plate”, but for the Super 3, simply refer to it as sidebar.

Regarding its role, the side blades regulate the flow of air in and out by radiation. Also, the concept is identical to Morgan’s idea to design a central body surrounded by different wing shapes. You can paint the sidebars to match the main body color, or you can request a unique paint job.

What’s With The Super 3’s Interior Today?

Before moving on to interior specs, know that this area of ​​the car is built to last. Every part of the interior is dust-tight, the advantage behind the IP64 level of ingress protection. The interior is also waterproof, even when dropped in the USB port.

The dashboard contains a center-mounted dial, a Morgan tradition. However, they are not what you remember, because they are now digital. For the engine start/stop button, think of the missile launch button on an airplane, similar to the Super 3.

The seats are made up of several materials such as vinyl, waterproof leather, saddle leather with better durability, and special fabrics that combine waterproof, UV (ultraviolet) resistance.

The Super 3 Redefining The Morgan Motor Company

According to Jonathan Wells, Morgan’s Head of Design, the Super 3 “stands out as something different.” We agree with this statement because the design, the engine, doesn’t look like a 3-Wheeler. When available in the US, it is expected to sell for around USD 46,490. Compared to the previous model, the Super 3 is a more attractive and affordable option.

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