No Clean Cars, thanks: Ford New Zealand sells 100 Rangers a day – News

Ford New Zealand is currently taking 100 orders per day for the Ranger ute, as it kicks off what managing director Simon Rutherford calls the “tough” last half of 2021. Feebates are now looming over next year under the Government’s Clean Car Program.

As expected, there is a rush for popular diesel vehicles, to avoid emissions fines that are expected to take effect in January 2022. Ranger has reclaimed its position as New Zealand’s number one vehicle, with sales of 912 in June and year-to-date figures. date 5135.

“We have struggled to keep up with Ranger’s demands throughout the year,” said Rutherford. “However, our team has done a fantastic job protecting Ranger and Everest production [both built in Thailand]… we are ahead of the Toyota Hilux and we have a lot of stock arriving now.

“But there’s huge demand and while we’re getting a lot of orders, we’re also getting big orders. Right now we’re taking about 100 orders per day. That’s pretty phenomenal.”

Rutherford said the company has been working closely with dealers to manage customer expectations around supply and demand for all its models: “There was difficulty keeping our customers through December 31 this year.

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“We’ve got to keep a few things in mind. For customers looking to order a Ranger and it will be charged next year, we need to give them an indication of what it is and work with the current timeline – which we think is December 31st, but may be extended if it’s not made into law. -law.

“But it could work the other way around, where the vehicle might get a discounted price next year. In either case, we talk to customers and make sure they have options. [when to register the vehicle].

“For Rangers, 3.2 [engine] will get more punishment; biturbo 2.0 is actually very healthy and has all the power. We’ll be managing our mix in that direction as we head into next year.

“But until then, we only allocate vehicles to dealers when they provide a signed Vehicle Offer and Sale Agreement (VOSA). We told dealers which vehicles won’t ship this year, and that’s the Mustang and Focus ST now.

“At Ranger or Everest (above), where we have a good supply, there is a first-come-first-serve policy. At the end of the year, we will publish what is available. So as a customer, we may not be able to give you the number one option. , but we can probably give you a number two or three.

“We have been as transparent as we can be.”

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The Everest, the Ranger SUV sibling, is another 2021 sales success story. In 2019 Ford NZ sold 451, but this year it is estimated to be well over 1000, with most of it attributed to the new Sport model.

Not all diesel orders last. Electricity is also on Ford NZ’s agenda today, especially in the commercial sector. The company’s range-extended Custom Transit Vans are currently ineligible for the Government’s EV rebate at retail at $99,990 at this time, but Rutherford says the company is restructuring pricing so it can “deal” under $80k to qualify for the $8625 Clean Car discount starting August. .

Transit supply has been hit by semiconductor shortages in Europe, but Ford NZ is hoping for better supply by 2022 – and larger volumes of PHEVs.

There’s also a fully electric e-Transit van on the way, but that doesn’t qualify for the feebate scheme as it’s over 3.5 tonnes.

“Maybe that’s something we can work on with the Government,” said Rutherford.

Meanwhile, Ford NZ is also preparing to launch the Escape PHEV SUV in the third quarter.


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