One of Three Nickey Chevy Camaro 1967 Packs 427 Big Block Power

Even in the golden age of hot-rodding, the mid-60s and early-70s, sometimes what GM did, while cool, wasn’t enough for the loud gearheads. They wanted more, and that pent up demand gave rise to names like Yenko, Nickey, Berger, Motion, and others. Nickey Chevrolet in Chicago is one of the highest-volume dealers in the world, and in 1967 they were the first to fit a big-block 427ci into the first-generation Camaro. This restored 1967 Camaro RS/SS Nickey supercar is a prime example of the high-performance offerings out there for Chevrolet enthusiasts.

At the time, Nickey offered three performance levels for the Camaros which they specially prepared. Stage I is a few light tweaks and styling upgrades, including headers, steering wheel, vinyl strip, 8,000-rpm tach, and custom wheels. Stage II adds a dirty cam, heavy-duty clutch and Hurst shifter to the mix. For those who want it all, typically for competition use, there’s a Phase III kit, which adds solid lift, a more powerful rear differential, Racemaster tires, and dual-quad manifolds (although dual-quad systems are rarely fitted)—a package that can carry a Camaro. deep into the 12s.

To support the 427 there is usually a four-speed M21 Muncie, 12 bolt rear position, traction bar and Super Scavenger header. The menu at Nickey has all manner of aftermarket add-ons to choose from, so no two cars made at Nickey are exactly the same.

This restored 1967 Nickey RS/SS Nickey supercar, to be auctioned at the Indy 2022 Mecum event from May 13-21, is one of the highest-choice Nickey 427 Camaros made, and a prime example of the high level of performance available to Chevrolet Buyers today. that. It is believed to be one of only three made with the aluminum-headed RPO L89 427ci/435-hp OHV V-8 with three two-barrel Holley carburetors, and the only one produced in this color. The Phase III version of this engine was equipped with exhaust headers, new camshafts, solid lifters, and dual four-barrel manifolds, although these were usually replaced by the three-two-barrel arrangement used on this car. The engine has a heavy-duty clutch attached to a close-ratio RPO M21 Muncie four-speed transmission to the console-mounted Hurst Competition Plus shifter. Power is pushed out to the 12-bolt rear axle by a Positivity differential.

The ’67 is finished in Tahoe Turquoise, with a custom hood that features a Corvette-style hood scoop and chrome-plated retaining pin. The white Super Sport stripes and badges plus 427 badges identify the serious attitude of this car. The Camaro also has the Rally Sport package, which adds a signature grille with retractable headlights, and bright underbody and wheel opening trims. In addition, this Camaro has an optional front and rear spoiler. The interior is trimmed in black vinyl with front bucket seats and black carpet.

This Camaro comes with a Nickey Camaro spec sheet, NICB dealer file request, framed Nickey certificate of authenticity, signed Nickey authentication and Nickey poster board. The car is showcased in David Newhardt’s books Chevy SS: 50 years of Super Sport, Camaro: Forty Years, and American Muscle Supercar. The car also includes a special license plate from the 2013 Concours d’Elegance of America at St. Johns, and a Chevy Vettefest Showcase certificate, and this car was selected as the cover car for the First Year Restoration Parts and Accessories catalog. For those looking for a car between the rarest of the rare and the best of the best, this might be the ticket. To see all the awesome supporting documentation on Lot F123, or to bid on the Mecum 2022 auction taking place May 13-21 in Indy, visit Mecum 1967 CHEVROLET NICKEY CAMARO RS/SS PHASE III list.

Highlights of the 1967 Nickey 427 Camaro RS/SS Supercar:

  • Nickey Rare Stage III Camaro RS/SS
  • 427ci L89 aluminum-head tri-power V-8 . engine
  • Muncie M21 . four-speed manual transmission
  • Tahoe Turquoise Exterior
  • black interior
  • red line tires
  • Framed Nickey Certificate of Authenticity
  • Signed Nickey Authentication
  • Nicky poster board
  • Featured by David Newhardt in Chevy SS: 50 Years of Super Sport, Camaro: Forty Years, and American Muscle Supercar
  • 2013 Concours d’Elegance of America on the license plate of St. John
  • Chevy Vettefest Showcase Certificate
  • Car Covers, First Year Restoration Parts & Accessories Catalog
  • NICB dealer file request
  • Nickey Camaro spec sheet

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