Should Ford Build a Gas-Powered 2024 4-Door Mustang?

There are only a few days left until Ford pulls back the cover of the 2024 Ford Mustang and we can find out exactly how it powers the pony car game, assuming that at all.

One way we expect Ford to steal the attention of its competitors is by offering a hybrid drivetrain. The Chevy Camaro isn’t available with any electric assistance, and neither is the Dodge Challenger, which is understandable if you consider it to be from the mid-2000s when hybrids were so niche South Park devoted entire episodes to controlling the Toyota Prius.

But since the hybrid idea has reportedly been scrapped, here’s another way Ford could get one above the Chevy and pull the level off with Dodge, which muscle car enthusiasts offer both the Challenger and Charger: building a four-door Mustang. Yes, there’s a Mach-E already, but it’s designed to appeal to a completely different market. I think more of the Mustang as a budget BMW M8. Not a crossover, but a low-key fastback with a sexy frameless four-door, a front-facing Mustang and a rear fastback similar to today’s cars. I ran the BMW M8 GC for seven months and loved it, but at $134,100/£130,000 it was way out of my budget, so the Ford facs for less than half the money had real appeal.

It takes a bit of wheelbase over current cars (107.1 inches/2.72 m) to make the rear seats really decent than something you only use occasionally, but with a choice of four-cylinder EcoBoost or 500 hp (507 PS ) V8 and agile rear-wheel-drive chassis, Ford could really have something cool on his hands. And just imagine the four-door GT500, a true rival to the Cadillac Blackwing sedan and BMW’s M3. Throw some PHEV technology into the mix and you’ll have something neither brand can offer.

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We already know sales of two-door coupes, convertibles and sports cars are on the way. If the Audi TT stays alive, it will definitely do so as a four-door car, and possibly a crossover. There’s a good chance the Camaro is heading in the same direction, and in the end that’s probably what the future of the Mustang will be a generation down the line. But making the sporty yet practical four-door coupe of the 2024 Mustang sit alongside the more mundane two-door coupes and convertibles could extend the life of the Handlebar without straying too far from the model Mustang DNA.

We already know Ford has considered building a four-door Mustang in the past, and Acura went the same route when it revived the Integra this year knowing that the configuration had far more commercial appeal than the two-door coupe. While Ford America’s current lineup doesn’t offer a sedan, there are bound to be some drivers who would buy one instead of an SUV if it really looked really hot, just as surely many Mustang fans wouldn’t want to throw their current car away. but had no choice but to sell because their family no longer fit in the two-door coupe.

We’ve seen several artist impressions over the past few years imagining what a family-friendly ICE-powered Mustang four-door coupe might look like, and there were plenty of internet rumors a few years ago based on Ford’s alleged disclosure to dealers that a four-door Mustang with a V8 turbo was coming. But that was before the Mach-E, the auto market had changed dramatically even in the last four years, and nothing has ever happened. Or at least nothing yet.

So what do you think? Is that four-door ICE Mustang a good idea, or is it too late and the backdoor will ruin the Mustang-ness?

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