Spyed on! 2023 Ford Bronco Raptor rips off its own fender

This latest spy shot reveals that the beast appears to have grown a functional vent set

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Clever girl. In the process of testing the upcoming Raptor variant of the wildly popular Ford Bronco, the outrageous animal appears to have adapted to its environment and grown a rugged set of fender vents.

Like all good predators, this particular Raptor has evolved from other variants to include features that allow it to better attack its prey. In this case, the prey is a series of difficult off-road trails.

Perhaps trying to get as much hot air out of its engine bay as possible during slow-speed technical maneuvers when heat tends to build up rapidly, our spy photo reports the newest Bronco Raptor test mule now has a pair of vents on the port and front right. side. Check them out in this photo gallery.

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Immersion heat is the enemy of performance, so it makes sense that the hot Bronco needs some extra cooling tricks. After all, the engine bay size hasn’t changed despite Ford’s plans to fit a larger (or at least higher output) twin-turbo V6 into this most psychotic Bronco SUV. These vents will also help extract residual heat during high-speed blasts across desert dunes and other wide open spaces.

All of the other Raptor signatures seem to be in place, including the FORD billboard grille and rugged overall width that’s sure to make this the bane of any drive-thru window in existence. The driver must speak loudly to communicate with McServer in McWindow. While it’s true that it’s not the natural habitat of the Bronco Raptor, you’re kidding if you think these things won’t take up much time on the pavement.

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By the way, our boots in the field suggest it’s a 17-inch BFGoodrich AT All-Terrain T/A tire, though exact details can’t be confirmed and it’s an easy part to swap between testing and production. There will definitely be multiple wheel and tire options on the Bronco Raptor, and you can be sure Ford will reciprocate Jeep’s quick response to its 35-inch tire offering. Is factory 37 out of the question?

We’ll have to wait and see. All signs point to the Bronco Raptor officially showing up for duty in the first quarter of 2022.


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