Corvette Z06 Auction Markup Internet Roast Dealer Chevy

2023 Corvette Z06Picture: Chevrolet Dealer markup continues to run rampant. While some dealers are still raking in cash at hefty price markups, the internet and the general population have managed to get in and back dealers against the wall, forcing them to charge fairer prices. It happened to one dealer who decided to take advantage … Read more

At $17,900, Is This 1990 Chevy Corvette ZR-1 Good?

today Good Price or No Dice The Corvette has an engine designed by Lotus and built by Mercury Marine in a car sold by Chevy. It may take a village to get to the road, but let’s see how many banks are needed today. last Friday 1988 Dodge B250 van served as a law enforcement … Read more