Ford to buy cheaper CATL EV batteries to catch up with Tesla

Ford to buy cheaper CATL EV batteries to catch up with Tesla

DETROIT, July 21 (Reuters) – Ford Motor Co (FN) on Thursday said it would import lower-cost lithium iron batteries for its electric pickup trucks and North American SUVs from Chinese battery champion CATL (300750.SZ), while working on a more advanced alliance. with CATL and a series of separate agreements to secure batteries and battery materials … Read more

Biden jumps on Corvette, declares Detroit ‘back’ at EV-focused auto show

DETROIT, September 14 (Reuters) – President Joe Biden snatched victory Wednesday at the Detroit auto show as he highlighted automakers’ electric vehicle push, including billions of dollars in investment in battery factories, on the back of new government support. Biden’s self-declared “car guy” hops into a silver electric Cadillac SUV and orange Corvette, happily with … Read more

Auto suppliers raise prices for Ford – and beyond

DETROIT, Sept. 21 (Reuters) – Auto industry suppliers are raising prices to their customers across the board, not just with Ford Motor Co (FN), which warned this week it was taking a $1 billion cost inflation hit. Some suppliers say Ford is not suffering alone, as automakers across the board are being asked to shoulder … Read more