Forgotten Cobra Rival Commissioned by Chevrolet

Bill Thomas knows his way around the Chevy As we mentioned, William P. “Bill” Thomas was a famous Chevy colleague. Sports car designers and engineers have worked with Chevrolet for many years, participating in various Chevrolet racing projects, involving the Bel Air, Corvair, Corvette and other models from the company’s lineup. Cheetahs are special trash … Read more

Ford Almost Gave Us A BOSS 429 Mid-Engine Mustang, In 1969

The Ford Mustang BOSS 429 We Know The BOSS 429 Mustang was produced from 1969 to 1970, alongside the BOSS 302. While the BOSS 302 was produced for the Trans Am Racing Series, the BOSS 429 was intended to meet Ford’s need for a 429 V-8 engine homologation for the NASCAR series. . The large … Read more