The 2024 Ford Mustang envisions: What we know so far, ahead of next week’s global reveal

The new Ford Mustang is just around the corner, as it will make its global debut at the Detroit Motor Show next week. This is what we know so far.

It Ford Mustang 2024 is scheduled to be announced on September 15 (Australian time) as one of the stars of the revamped Detroit Motor Show – and as one of the best-selling sports cars in the world.

Ford’s first new Mustang since 2014 – and seventh generation since 1964 – is expected to be an evolution of its predecessor, with a similar engine and chassis parts under a new body and interior.

It may introduce hybrid technology at a later date – as a step towards a fully electric version, which may be required at a later date, under increasingly stringent global emissions regulations.

A launch date in Australia has yet to be announced, but with production for the US left-hand market rumored to begin in March 2023 (as the 2024 model), the arrival of the first local showrooms is expected in mid to late 2023.

Here’s everything we know so far ahead of next week’s reveal Ford Mustang 2024 (which is also known internally at Ford by its code name: S650).

Spy videos – and spy videos – suggest that the new Ford Mustang will retain the V8 engine, an option that has been available in every generation since it was first launched in the US in 1964.

Expected to be an evolution of the naturally aspirated 5.0-liter V8 (known as the Coyote) – which has been in production since 2010 – reports suggest the revamped V8 may be “close to” 373kW output in certain model classes.

Such output would represent a 37kW (50 horsepower) increase compared to the current Mustang GT (336kW) in the US, or a 23kW (30hp) increase on the Mach 1 special edition (350kW). The Australian versions of both current-generation Ford Mustang models offer 339kW/556Nm and 345kW/556Nm, respectively.

For buyers on a budget – or looking for a more budget-friendly option – the base engine is expected to stick with the 2.3-liter turbocharged ‘Ecoboost’ four-cylinder petrol, which in the ‘High Performance’ trim currently develops 246kW/475Nm in the US, or 236kW. /448Nm in Australia.

Above: Leaked photo of the 2024 Mustang GT.

Hybrid power is coming – or is it?

While this engine will largely be carried over from the older model, last year’s rumors pointed to the introduction of a hybrid Mustang within the first few years of the new model’s life.

However, esteemed US industry journal Automotive News now claims plans for the hybrid have been “canceled”, citing “three people familiar with the plans”. Ford has not commented publicly on the report.

All-wheel drive will also be unavailable, according to Automotive News – preserving Mustang’s signature two-door rear-wheel drive layout.

Several sources previously said that the four-cylinder and V8 engines were offered with electrified variants. There are no known plans – beyond unverified rumors – for an electric model.

Above: Leaked image of the Mustang EcoBoost 2024.

Six-speed manual to continue, in addition to automatic

A hybrid may be coming, but Ford isn’t ready to drop the manual transmission in a petrol-only version of the Mustang – as teasers earlier this year all but confirmed.

The use of the four-cylinder and V8 carry-over engines suggests that the transmission may also have come from the previous Mustang – either the Getrag ‘MT82’ transmission in the four cylinder and the V8 GT, or the upgraded Tremec unit on the Mach 1-only track.

The current development of a 10-speed automatic gearbox will likely serve as a two-pedal alternative to the manual.

New body on a similar chassis

Spy shots and leaked photos show the new Ford Mustang will adopt a more modern yet aggressive look than its predecessor, with sharper LED headlights, larger intakes and new multi-spoke alloy wheels.

Featured in a rendering by digital artist Theophilus Chin, there will be more visual differences between the four-cylinder Ecoboost model and the V8 GT than ever before, including the front grille and hood (with a large intake on the GT), in addition to the regular bumper. design, exhaust tips and wheels.

While the front end has been spied on and leaked extensively, fewer photos have surfaced of the rear end – although a recent teaser suggests at least some versions will ditch the horizontal black trim strips that have become the signature design cue of all current-generation Mustangs. .

Although sheet metal will be new, the proportions of the new Mustang ‘S650’ are expected to be similar to those of the upcoming ‘S550’ generation – and rumors suggest that old model chassis elements will be reworked and carried over to the new car.

Interior set for a technology-led revolution

Inside the evolutionary body will be a new interior, with a greater focus on the touchscreen and digital controls than the current Mustang lineup.

Spy photos show the installation of two large digital displays integrated into one curved panel, joined by rectangular air vents, climate control built into the infotainment system, and slimmer (and fewer) physical switches.

It seems to have largely ditched the retro theme of the car’s current interior, which features a more traditional enclosed instrument binnacle, bright chrome toggle switches in the center, and classic circular air vents.

The steering wheel – with a hub that is no longer round – is new, as is the software running on the screen. A traditional gear selector will be retained in most automatic models, rather than the rotary style shifter, as used in the supercharged North American edition of the Mustang Shelby GT500.

Launching in US and Australian showrooms starting next year

After being revealed next year, production of the new Ford Mustang is rumored to begin in the US later this year, or early 2023 – with the arrival of the first US showrooms likely to follow in the following months.

The timing of the Australian launch has yet to be confirmed, but by the time production of the first right-hand drive cars begins, and the first deliveries are made from the US to Australia, the new Mustang is unlikely to arrive here before the second half. 2023, or maybe 2024.

The current Ford Mustang arrived in Australian showrooms in early 2016, about a year after its launch in the US – although it’s unclear whether Australians will have to wait long for the new model.

It Ford Mustang 2024 will be announced on September 14th, 8pm New York time – or 10am on September 15th in Sydney and Melbourne.

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