The Most Popular, Safest, SUV You Can Buy Today

Buying a safe SUV should be one of the most important factors in any buying decision. There are several rating agencies that measure SUV safety, but the one we most often turn to is the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration for its unbiased rating. However, NHTSA doesn’t test every new car, truck, or SUV, and actually only selects a few cars each year to test. Of the best-selling 2022 SUVs, it ranks eight on whether they are the safest SUVs.

What is the NHTSA safety rating for the safest SUV?

Lexus RX450 trial | NHTSA

While the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety tests almost every car, NHTSA only selects a few cars to test each year. For example, NHTSA has yet to rate some of its most popular, including the best-selling Ford Bronco. For 2022, NHTSA will test 33 new cars, trucks and SUVs. We’ll soon have results on some of the most popular, including the Toyota RAV4 Prime, Chevy Bolt EV and EUV, Ford Maverick trucks, and more.

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