The new Corvette Z06 has a special engine and *may* come to the UK

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The world’s most powerful nat-asp V8, carbon wheels, giant wings… and right hand drive production

This is the new Corvette Z06, and we’ll break the big news first: it’s built with a right-hand drive. This marks the first time we may be able to buy the UK’s most athletic ‘Vette’ officially.

This is a car with merit and a first, actually. The 5.5-liter V8 that supports it avoids supercharging, returning to its traditional natural aspiration setting with a peak of 670bhp making it the most powerful n/a V8 in the world, according to Corvette. The flat-plane crank design allows it to spin at up to 8,600rpm like a precise Italian exotic. It’s handcrafted at the Chevrolet Performance Build Center in Kentucky and will be autographed by the technicians who worked on it from start to finish, a la AMG.

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The eight-speed DCT paddleshifter is your only option, making it the first Z06 without a manual to offer. The paddles (and steering wheel) are equipped with abundant carbon fiber to really set the race car vibe.

Even though we were told it was attached. In a slightly confusing turn of events, Chevy says the Z06 isn’t based on the C8.R Corvette racer, but rather the C8.R has been quietly based on the Z06 road car all along. Obviously they’ve perfected some of their setup in the competition, which isn’t a bad thing.

The Z06 sits on a modified suspension setup from the stock Corvette Stingray, while you have plenty of traction control settings and electronic limited-slip differential intervention to switch on its Driver Mode Selector.

Sold? Now is the time to choose. The Z06 comes in both coupe and convertible form (the chassis is very stiff, doesn’t seem to need any additional support), while you get a staggered wheel setup as standard – 20-inch front, 21-inch rear, the largest ever mounted to the ‘Vette. Carbon wheels are an option for those who don’t live in fear of pavement and for whom the 18.6 kg reduction in unsprung mass is the ideal first date pride.

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However, the most significant option is the Z07 Performance Pack. It brings a starring carbon body kit that rear wing, a unique suspension setup using Magneride dampers and Michelin Sport Cup 2 tires specially developed for the Z06 with a Brembo carbon-ceramic brake system tucked in at the rear.

Carbon wheel specs and your Z07 and ‘Vette package weigh 1,561kg dry – basically the same as the Ferrari SF90 hybrid rather than the 1,435kg Tributo F8 which seems more in line with the Z06 schtick. But then you will save a lot of money to go to America.

Not that we don’t have a price to disclose yet, or even quote performance figures. But we have the firing order for its eight cylinders: 1-4-3-8-7-6-5-2. More than a second date conversation, we recommend.

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