Tommy the Greek Corvette ‘Bali Hi’ 1957 Finally Found

Special highlights of the 1957 Chevrolet Corvette:

  • Originally purchased as a used car for drag racing, Bill Shelley ended up working with custom maker Bob McNulty and lines artist Tommy ‘the Greek’ Hrones to turn his 1957 Corvette into a custom show car.
  • The Corvette ‘Bali Hi’ last major public appearance was at the 1960 Oakland Roadster Show, but after roughly 60 years in storage, it’s back out and restored.
  • A historic hot rod, this Corvette will likely be worth over $100,000 if sold after restoration

While today’s exotic and classic cars, especially specialty ones, are tracked with a very wary eye, many have fallen through the cracks of history in those days. So, when rare and lost antique treasures are found in a shed or garage, it is an important event. Not only because of its possible monetary value, but also because of its historical value. And the term ‘historic’ no doubt applies to the ‘Bali Hi,’ the once lost 1957 Corvette that has just been found.

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