VIEW | How Isuzu D-Max V-Cross headlining massively undercut Ranger rival Hilux

Isuzu’s latest D-Max finally debuts in South Africa.

The D-Max V-Cross is a new addition and a new top model in the line-up.

On the R814 700, the D-Max V-Cross double cab 4×4 automatically cuts the price of its direct rival.

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Isuzu South Africa has finally launched its newest D-Max in the country, following the public’s enthusiasm for this new bakkie. Since news of this new model spread, it’s almost become the only thing bakkie fans talk about, and we can only imagine it dominating the braai talk about how good the new bakkie will be to the likes of Ford. Ranger and Toyota Hilux.

After launch, we can safely say that the new seventh-generation D-Max is a significant change from the model it replaces, and completely better in every respect. It took some action, but Isuzu stepped up her reputable and honorable hard worker.

While impressive, the real question arises when looking at the prices of the top models. The D-Max V-Cross automatic 4×4 is aggressively priced at the R814 700. And while some might squirm at the thought of this Isuzu hitting the R800k record, that’s not a bad thing. If anything, the Isuzu SA might just be getting the price right against its direct rival V-Cross.

2022 Isuzu D-Max V-Cross double cab 4×4 automatic


In October 2020, Toyota South Africa launched an updated Hilux in the country. Not only was the Bakkie endowed with an updated face, but the automaker also improved the suspension and gave the 2.8-liter turbodiesel engine a boost. The packaging is much better, and local consumers are trusting bakkie again, as evidenced by Hilux’s position at the top of the sales chart.

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On the other hand, the Ranger will be replaced, and the new model is slated to hit the showroom floor in the fourth quarter of this year. But ahead of the arrival of the next Ranger, Ford South Africa has unveiled several new models in recent years. Consumers may be getting increasingly frustrated with the Blue Oval’s make-up on an aging product, but the lure of a special edition model has proven to work for the Ford SA, despite its groans and groans.

Each of the two rivals has a model that is making headlines in its lineup. For Toyota, it’s the Hilux Legend – or the Legend RS, if you want to throw a cat among the pigeons – while Ford has the Ranger Stormtrak. Both trays come standard with record reputations, and they are justifiably above their respective ranges.

Ford Rangers

2022 Ford Ranger Stormtrak automatic 4×4 double cab

Price of the new D-Max V-Cross

When Isuzu SA announced pricing for its new D-Max at launch in early April, great curiosity revolved around how the top model would be priced against its competitors. And boy, did Isuzu pull the rug from under our feet. The flagship D-Max V-Cross double cab 4×4 automatic is priced at R814 700, with a standard service package of five years or 90,000 km (and a five year or 120,000 km warranty).

Ironically, though steep, it undercuts Stormtrak and Legend (and Legend RS) by some margin, without sacrificing specs.

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On the R857 200, the Ranger Stormtrak double cab 4×4 automatic is slightly more expensive than the Isuzu, but Ford only offers a four-year or 120,000km warranty as standard. In view of the passage of the Right to Repair, Blue Oval offers a service plan (six years or 90,000 km) as an option.

Toyota’s two Hilux models can compete with the D-Max V-Cross in terms of price, and it’s up to the potential owner which one they choose. The Hilux 2.8 GD-6 double cab 4×4 automatic Legend is priced at R842 900, while the Legend RS is priced at R917 900. Both trays come standard with a three year or 100 000km warranty and a nine or 90 000km service package. .

Toyota Hilux

2022 Toyota Hilux double cabin 4×4 automatic Legend RS

How the V-Cross stacks up

It might be easy to assume that the more expensive Ranger and Hilux have an edge over the D-Max when it comes to specs, but the data suggests otherwise. Somehow, the Isuzu SA managed to mount its V-Cross well, putting its top model rivals to shame in some cases.

Blindspot warning, lane departure warning, rain sensing wipers, tire pressure sensor and rear fog lamps are standard on the V-Cross and Stormtrak, but not on the flagship Hilux Legend RS. All three models have adaptive cruise control and a tow bar as standard, but Isuzu managed to add these items without incurring too many ‘penalties’ for customers. The list of features on all three trays is extensive, but Isuzu enhances their offerings even more.

Even though the D-Max is the latest addition to the South African bakkie fray, it’s hard to overlook how it competes with its rivals. The 4×4 automatic V-Cross is a combined product aimed at providing the best for customers, and it continues a long-standing tradition as part of Isuzu’s offering. Customers buying in this segment would not be wise not to consider the D-Max a viable and slightly more affordable alternative to the segment leaders.

in us launch reportwe mentioned the D-Max’s light steering and slight turbo lag on both engines, but this shouldn’t be a problem for most customers.

2022 Isuzu D-Max V-Cross double cab 4x4 automatic

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