Vin Diesel in Thailand Drives a ‘Ford Mustang’ Disguised as a Dodge Charger from ‘Fast and Furious’

If you have ever traveled to the beautiful city of Chiang Rai in Northern Thailand, you may come across a strange site. A Thai man who bears a striking resemblance to Vin Diesel drives a “Ford Mustang” disguised as a classic Dodge Charger from Fast and full of energy movie franchise

Double ‘Fast and Furious’ disguise: Toyota Corolla disguised as Ford Mustang disguised as Dodge Charger

Similar to Vin Diesel in Thailand | via Facebook

In fact, the Thai Vin Diesel lookalike did a “double disguise” for his car. He started with what looked like a late 1960s/early 1970s Toyota Corolla. He gave it a Ford Mustang grille and then painted it jet black like the Dodge Charger driven by Dom Toretto’s character. Fast in Furious.

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