Walton Goggins returns as the face of the Ford Bronco in Hulu comedy

In footage shown during the “John Bronco Rides Again” credits, actor Walton Goggins delivers what may become a major advertising slogan.

Sitting inside the Ford Bronco, he said, “If they don’t have Broncos in heaven, then you can send me straight to…”

Uh, what did he say? Just as Goggins mentioned a clear goal, a loud car horn cut him off.

In real life, the Ford Motor Company has never had a TV salesman named John Bronco more famous than the Marlboro man and Maytag repairman combined. Luckily, one exists in fiction—and now he’s back for another cinematic adventure.

“John Bronco Rides Again” arrived Monday on Hulu, the sequel to the 40-minute film “John Bronco” in 2020, which is also available on streaming sites.

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